Anatolian Archaeology Got Thousands of Artifacts

The Kütahya Museum houses artifacts discovered during excavations at the Seyitömer Mound in Kütahya. The relics were excavated over a period of six years and were delivered to Anatolian archaeology in 15 phases. For nearly 33 years, rescue excavations at Seyitömer Mound in Kütahya have unearthed approximately 14,500 items at various times.

Anatolian Archaeology Got Thousands of Artifacts

The digs, which began in 1989 to bring the 12 million tonnes of lignite reserves beneath the mound to the economy, were completed in the last three years by the Kütahya Museum Directorate. The Artifacts from the Roman and Hellenistic periods, as well as the Iron Age, the Middle Bronze Age, the 3rd and 2nd periods of the Early Bronze Age, and 15 phases of them, were excavated and introduced to Anatolian archaeology.


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Important Artifacts were discovered during excavations at the five-thousand-year-old seyitömer mound, according to Zekeriya Unal, the province’s head of culture and tourism. The works continued under the supervision of the Kütahya Museum Directorate, according to Unal. It’s added:

“Approximately 14,500 works were unearthed and brought to our museum as a result of excavations carried out in Seyitömer Mound 33 years ago and carried out in certain periods.”

Anatolian Archaeology

Frog-shaped and wheel-shaped drinking containers, agricultural and weaving tools, deer antlers, human face-shaped testing, and Frig pottery (terracotta crater piece), two of which were discovered 28 years ago and the other last year, were among the most notable finds on display at the museum, according to Unal. Some of the discoveries were shown at the Kütahya Museum, according to Unal. He went on to say that restorers put together roughly 10,000 pieces of art that had been taken in parts.

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