Yacht Enthusiasts Introduce the Black Sea to the World

With the Yacht Rally they organise, yacht enthusiasts hope to popularise the Black Sea. Yacht enthusiasts who stopped in Kastamonu’s Cide region stated the natural wonders they saw left them speechless. The foreigners among us will share this Black Sea trip in Europe’s major yacht magazines and on major websites around the world.

Black Sea

The members of the association, who docked in Istanbul on sailing yachts on July 1, visited the waterfalls, valleys, and canyons in Kastamonu, where they took a break, as part of the organisation set up with the goal of exposing the Black Sea to tourism and introducing it to the world. The association’s members expressed their appreciation for the neighbourhood and how warmly the locals greeted them. They claimed that the district was a place they felt quite at home in. The rally’s organiser and commodore, retired Marine Colonel Ismail Tumer, claimed that the Black Sea is at least as stunning as the Aegean and the Mediterranean and that it is a pleasant place to travel and sail.

Tümer stated that they have been planning such journeys since 2017 and have been stopping at every port along the Black Sea to visit cities.

“We will end the rally we started from Istanbul on July 1 in Istanbul towards the middle of September. Cide is again one of our favorite destinations. For one thing, this place is very warm-blooded, people’s hearts are beautiful. They hosted us here very nicely. They had a nice host.”

“We need to attract our people here, people are afraid to come to the Black Sea. The Black Sea is a fierce sea. The Sea gets a little rough from mid-December to mid-April, but after that it’s a much more relaxed, much more pleasant sea. We need to bring it here to break this idea in people. That’s why we organize tours. Our friends who are going to the Black Sea for the first time express their surprise. They travel in blue and green, and more importantly, with the warmth and friendliness of the Black Sea people, with much greater pleasure.”

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Yacht Enthusiasts Black Sea

“The foreigners among us will share this Black Sea trip in Europe’s major yacht magazines and on major websites around the world. This will support the development of Black Sea tourism. We have not been able to promote the Black Sea abroad. We cannot promote the Black Sea Region because there are no written materials. People are looking for it, but they can’t find written information. There is not enough information on the Internet. That’s why someone has to promote these places. First of all, the state should introduce these places. Civil society organizations need to promote the Black Sea, and we have come here for this purpose and we want to contribute to the promotion.”

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