What to See in Bodrum Festivals in September 2022

Bodrum is well-known for its festivals that cover a wide range of topics all year long in addition to its beaches and fun way of life. Although they are not well publicised, these festivals provide colour to Bodrum and draw tourists as well as residents. We expect that stronger promotion would be given to these festivals, which are significant and prosperous organisations in their respective professions. After reading this post, you might decide to reevaluate your travel itinerary and change it to coincide with these Bodrum festivals.

Bodrum Music Festival

Bodrum Music Festival

It was originally known as the D-Marin Classical Music Festival and changed its name to the Bodrum Music Festival last year. This year will mark the 15th anniversary of the festival. Although the start and conclusion dates vary from year to year, the festival always takes place in August. Additionally, the festival schedule can span 4-5 or 8 days. The schedule of the Bodrum Classical Music Festival comprises concerts in the morning, at sunset, in the evening, and at night. The Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Lauren Fagan-Murat Karahan, Dorukhan Doruk-Gülru Ensari, and Fazl Say were among the performers at the event in the past.

Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival

Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival

The Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival, one of the most well-known events in Bodrum, has been taking place in one of the most popular villages in Bodrum since 2004. It is regarded as one of the most significant festivals in its field today. World-famous performers perform at this event for a lengthy period of 1.5–2.5 months, with the themes of Suda (on water), Tasta (on stone), and Kumda (on sand). In order to accommodate the demand in succeeding years, the event, which was first hosted in Gumusluk’s historical church Eklisia, was transferred to the town’s historic quarry.

Chill-Out Festival

Chill-Out Festival Bodrum Festivals

The Bodrum leg of the Chill-Out Festival, which takes place annually in three different cities, will take place this year on July 20 and 21 at Xuma Beach in Yalikavak. Last year, celebrities like Chaim, Eli Light, Mimi Love, and Luca Musto attended the festival. The Chill-Out Festival, one of the best Bodrum festivals, draws many visitors from Turkey and other countries by “bringing the exquisite world of Lounge Fm with real life.” The Chill-Out Festival is a fun summer event since one may swim, relax in the sun, and take in some wonderful music.

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Karsanat Baroque Music Festival

Karsanat Baroque Music Festival Bodrum Festivals

The Karsanat Baroque Music Festival, which is free and takes place in September at the Bodrum Antique Theater, is put on by the Karya Culture and Arts Association with the purpose of introducing and promoting baroque music to a larger audience. Baroque music enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the festival, which has recently included the Karya Baroque Ensemble, coloratura-mezzosoprano Esen Demirci, and countertenor Kaan Buldular. The festival is considered among the top Bodrum festivals in Turkey.

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