The Snow Grabs Tourists’ Attention in Taurus Turkey

The snowfall in Mersin’s high-altitude locations made the region’s communities white, particularly in the Taurus Mountains. Many individuals drove to the area after hearing it was snowing and liked it.

The Taurus Mountains, also known as Toros in Turkish, are a mountain range in Turkey’s Mediterranean region that runs parallel to the shore for about 560 kilometres (348 miles) and forms the southern border of the Anatolian plateau. It is Turkey’s second chain of folded mountains, after the Pontus Mountains, rising at the westernmost range of the Great Himalayas. After a long bend, the range spans from Egridir Lake in the west to the upper side of the Euphrates (Firat) River in the east. Anti-Taurus is the name given to its northeastern expansion across the Seyhan River at Adana.

Forests, highlands, and agricultural areas, particularly the Taurus Turkey, turned white after snow fell for two days in Mersin’s thousand-altitude zones, as it did for many others.

Images of the course emerged after a heavy snowstorm. Citizens gathered to visit the Toros Neighborhood in Erdemli district, which is located at the beginning of the Alata River, which is called after the Taurus Mountains in the north and west.

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Some of the tourists at Taurus Turkey who came to witness the snow threw snowballs and took photographs, while others went on a trek on the frozen roads. The location was viewed from the air by a drone, which the visitors liked seeing. Elif Döner Taş, who said he and his wife attended the snow excursion, stated:

“We have come to the highest place of Taurus, there is no need to go to Uludag. We came to play in the snow and have fun in the beautiful forested and mountainous areas of Mersin. It’s a little cold, but it’s nice.”

The Snow Grabs Tourists Attention in Taurus Turkey

One of the tourists to the region, Izzet Kilic, stated:

“We came on a snow trip. We came in when it was snowing, and it’s nice to see it now. We went for a walk, we went a little too far, the roads are closed. They have opened the roads to where we are.”

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