Tokat: A Photographic Odyssey Through Turkey’s Heartland

Tokat, a historically significant settlement center in Anatolia, is located 422 kilometers (262 miles) inland from Ankara in the middle of the Black Sea. With so many historical structures at the various ancient sites, wandering the city offers a look into life in the past.

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The Ottoman Citadel, which was built on a rocky slope overlooking the town and has 28 towers, is the most significant structure here. Other attractions worth seeing include the 16th-century Ali Pasa Mosque and the 12th-century Garipler Mosque.

The Gök Medrese (Pervane Bey Darussifasi), which was built in 1270, is one of Tokat’s greatest structures. Originally built as a theological institute, it has been transformed into a museum that displays local artifacts.

The Hatuniye Medrese, constructed in the 15th century by Sultan Beyazid II, and a 12th-century Seljuk bridge over the Yesilirmak River are two further noteworthy sites in the area. Another example is the Latifoglu Mansion, which was recently restored to its original state and features the classic architecture of a 19th-century Turkish home.

One of the most picturesque towns in the region, Niksar is located 69 kilometers (43 miles) northeast of Tokat and is home to significant historical artifacts. The well-preserved fortress, Ulu Mosque, and the Yagbasan Medrese from the 12th century are a few of the notable features in this former capital of the Turkish Danismend Emirs. Additionally, Niksar produces wonderful spring water that is bottled and distributed around the nation.

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With its stronghold and the 13th-century Ulu Mosque nearby, Zile is another historic town that is located 67 kilometers (42 miles) west of the province. Numerous historical events have taken place in this area, and Julius Caesar famously spoke the words:

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”; “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Sebastopolis, an ancient site, is 68 kilometers from Tokat city center. Visitors can examine the intriguing ruins there.

The extensive pine trees, hot springs, clays, and other natural splendors of Resadiye are well renowned. Pazar’s Ballica Cave is a natural treasure. The Dumanli Meadows are another well-known location for recharging.

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