Here are Top 5 Things to Do in Antalya with Children

If you wish to spend your vacation in the Antalya Region lounging in the sun all day, we’re confident your children would choose a different style of vacation with more fun and adventure. It’s very normal! Children can become bored quickly and will most likely want to visit and learn about areas they don’t see at home. Antalya, on the other hand, is the ideal location to provide them with what they desire: fun and excitement. Let’s dive into the best things to do in Antalya with children.

The Land of Legends Theme Park

The Land of Legends Theme Park

The massive The Land of Legends entertainment center is without a doubt one of the most incredible destinations in Antalya to take your kids. It’s at Belek, around 35 kilometers from Antalya Kaleiçi. The moment you enter the theme park, you are transported to the world of fairy tales, and this theme is carried throughout the complex. It’s no coincidence that the resort is known as Antalya’s Disneyland.

The massive water park has a total of 55 water slides, an adventure park with all kinds of attractions attracts people of all ages, gondola rides are available on the canal, popcorn and donut vendors abound, and fairy tale characters can be found everywhere.

Pirate Boat Adventure

Pirate Boat Adventure things to do in Antalya

In ancient times, both Alanya and Olympos, once known as Phaselis, were particularly prominent pirate ports. The Cilician pirates of Korakesion, which is today’s Alanya, were finally vanquished by Pompey, Julius Ceasar’s adversary in the Roman Civil War, and the region was integrated into the Roman Empire. The Cilician pirates were well-organized and plied their trade in ships that were almost sumptuous in appearance. Having this adventure is one of the fun-filled things to do in Antalya with children.

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Dino Park, Göynük

Dino Park, Göynük

Dinosaurs have always fascinated people, and when they talk about dinosaurs, all children’s eyes light up. In Göynük’s Dino Park, which spans 30,000 square meters, gigantic animal reproductions are buried among the pine trees. These amazing dinosaur replicas move and make dinosaur sounds. Children can touch them while also getting a sense of the enormous size of these long-extinct beasts. The park is among the popular places to see in Antalya with children.

Olympos Teleferik

Olympos Teleferik things to do in Antalya

The red cabins of the cable car go from Kemer’s beach to Tahtal Mountain, also known as Olympos, in ten minutes. The Olympos Teleferik cable car is one of the world’s longest cable cars, stretching 4,350 meters. The journey up the 2,365-meter mountain takes around ten minutes, and the view is spectacular. The ancient ruins of Phaselis can also be seen. During clear weather, you may be able to view Alanya from the summit of the mountain.

Discover Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins things to do in Antalya

Antalya’s province is rich in ruins and historical attractions. Even children may find it entertaining to visit one of the ruins, especially if there is a castle or some exciting narrative associated with it. Simena, which is now known as Kaleköy, is a good example. Only by boat from Kaş, Demre, or Üçaz can you reach the old city with its rock tombs and ruins. An earthquake buried parts of the little Lycian coastal village, which had been inhabited since the fourth century. As a result, the city was transformed into an island. Giving these ruins a visit is one of the best things to do in Antalya with children.

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