The Hot Springs in Agri Catches Visitors’ Attention

The city’s emblem is Mount Agri (Ararat), the tallest mountain in Turkey at 5,165 metres (16,945 feet). The fabled biblical Mount Ararat, the supposed location of the second creation of the universe, is this snow-capped dormant volcano. It is thought that Noah’s Ark rested on the mountain’s summit during the great deluge, and Noah is said to have set foot on the wide plain of Igdir at the mountain’s base for the first time after the catastrophe. It is said that a geological hollow near the hamlet of Uzengili resembles the shape of the Ark. It is a popular tourist destination and a lovely place to rest. Along with its stunning scenery, Mount Ararat offers mountaineering, skiing, and hunting possibilities.


Even in cold weather, the hot springs in Agri Diyadin district greet visitors with their warm water because they are believed to be beneficial for many illnesses, particularly skin conditions. Due to their curative water, the Diyadin Hot Springs, which are situated in the Diyadin district of Ar, are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

Residents who are seeking cures for their illnesses frequent the spa facilities built with geothermal resources in the area where the hot spring waters emerge, and visitors who come to the area to see historical sites use them as a resting place. Even though it’s chilly outside, locals who visit the hot springs take advantage of the warm water.

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The Hot Springs in Agri Catches Visitors’ Attention

One of the spa facility’s owners in Agri, zcan Tunca, claimed that many tourists from the neighbouring provinces and from abroad visited the hot springs and that many people were able to regain their health as a result of the water:

“Our customers come from all over our nation. People travel here for the hot waters in the summer. For the residents of Diyadin, this location is already essential. It is excellent for treating sores and conditions like rheumatism and herniated discs.

One of our clients travelled from Antalya because his back discomfort prevented him from walking. He stayed with us for a month. He recovered his prior state of health. Something changed with the way he walked. Most visitors are cured when they arrive. Our entire country is in anticipation.”

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