Why is Taksim Square Istanbul so Popular Place?

Taksim Square is the hub of modern Istanbul, which was carved out near the taksim (branch-point) in the town’s water distribution system in the late 1800’s and at the southeastern end of Čaddesi slum (map). At the beginning of Tsstikal Caddesi you can still see the Ottoman taksim and behind it is a brand modern mosque. Kemal Atatürk in both his positions, as Military Commanding Officer and as State Man, celebrates the independence monument in the circle at the south end of the square. Taksim Square Istanbul is a memorial for the Turkish Republic. It was designed to defend the Islamic taboo on the images of living creatures by Peter Canonica in 1928.

The Best Things to Do in Taksim Square

Why is Taksim Square Istanbul so Popular Place

Taksim square is the most prominent square in Istanbul and Turkey, with its location that brings you to the monument, Gezi Park, Aya Triada domed church, Huseyin Aga Mosque and Istiklal Street. It’s the same in Europe as the notable attractions.

Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street is undoubtedly Istanbul’s most renowned street and leisure location. It is a long colourful footpath with many stores, restaurants, cafés and street shows. You will be able to see the wonderful Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, the wonderful St. Anthony’s church of Padua and the Pera Museum. You can spend your evening dining and wining on the famed Asmalimescit street if you want a supper and night entertainment. This could be the best place to recreation while your are in Taksim Square Istanbul.

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Cihangir and Cukurcuma

The famed neighbourhoods of Cihangir (left) and Cukurcuma come down from the Siraselviler Street beside the Taksim Square (to the right). Cihangir is famed for its vibrant Firuzaga coffee House, a beautiful neighbourhood. During the day and at night, the café is always full.

Cukurcuma, on its way down from the Taksim street, is a bustling and authentic neighbourhood. Also famed for its old shopping, renovated magnificent mansions, art galleries and cafes, it is a popular touristy location.

Gezi Park

Gezi Park is situated on Taksim Square, a lovely park and Taksim’s only green area. There you may relax while witnessing the city’s liveliness under the large trees and gardens. Gezi Park is one of the best places you must give a visit while you’re in Taksim Square Istanbul.

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How to Get to Taksim Square Istanbul

Taksim Square

In the center of the Taksim district in Beyoglu district, Taksim Square will be located. The most convenient way to get to Taksim is via Public Bus or Funiculars from Karakoy or Kabatas.

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