The Most Famous Romantic Places in Istanbul

Istanbul is a historical city that is acclaimed for its fascinating environment for many honeymoons. Here’s a shortlist of the romantic locations in and around the city, which collect all the fantasy places. This is a memorable moment, hopefully together in the city, supported by the beautiful monuments which sprinkle its amazing skylines. Most couples visit some of the top places and cities in the world and travel overseas for honeymoon. There are romantic sites and significant honeymoon destinations all over the world; the romantic places in Istanbul outshine most of them.

Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern Museum

The Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan in Turkish, which implies “sinking to the ground”), which today serves as a museum, is one of the most beautiful mystical structures and famous museums in Istanbul, as well as one of the city’s most popular romantic places in Istanbul. One of the city’s most stunning and magical structures. The two Medusa Heads, which serve as supports beneath the two columns at the cistern’s northwest side, are the most interesting and draw the most attention.

Camlica Hill Istanbul

Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill, the appreciable and best view of Istanbul, is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul in a wonderful tourist and leisure region. Camlica Hill offers excellent city views. The highest peak of Camlica Hill, one of the most famous romantic places in Istanbul, is 265 metres above sea level and offers the greatest view of Istanbul. You can also enjoy your view in a number of cafes and restaurants. Address: Classic, Kısıklı, Touristic Office Çamlıca Cd.

Dinner Cruise of Bosphorus

Dinner Cruise of Bosphorus

Bosphorus is a geographical strait and a canal running across Istanbul. On both sides of its coast it is the town. Many supper cruises run on the Bosphorus Strait every day. Becoming visible on either side of the Bosphorus Strait, most of Istanbul’s icons provide the opportunity to spend a romantic evening seeing the city with this evening cruise. This is considered as one of the most famous places in Istanbul Turkey.

Bosphorus dinner cruise

The Harems at Topkapi Palace

Harems at Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi Palace, one of the best romantic places in Turkey, was the primary palace of the Ottoman sultans for nearly 4 centuries. You can now walk around its areas for a magnificent view of some of the finest ancient monuments in Istanbul. Walking around the palace can be an eventful dream, as loving lovers walk through the harem, royal baths and kitchens or the trees of the courtyards overlooking the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus Straits to enjoy the beautiful spectacular scenery.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower

It is also a feature of Istanbul’s skyline, not merely one of Istanbul’s most popular landmarks. The Galata Tower, one of the best romantic places in Istanbul, provides a spectacular 360° panorama of the city. During the sunset, as Istanbul shows off really, is the finest time to visit. Make sure that because of possible large waiting lines you come earlier. The 9-story Galata Tower has an unquestionable view point, because it had been built by the Genoese in 1348 and utilized as a tower for the surveillance of Ottoman fires.

The Princes’ Islands

Princes’ Islands Romantic Places in Istanbul

Couples can experience a romantic vacation from The Princes’ Islands off the coast of Istanbul. It is a stretch of nine islands with most Istanbul ferries reaching just 4 of the largest in size. One of the most popular is Büyükada. On any of the islands there are no motor vehicles to keep the nostalgic, peaceful air from the Byzantine era. You can go for a sight in an old horse-drawn carry, called Fayton, through picturesque towns, by magnificent wooden huts and by scenic coastal routes across the island.

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The Gardens of Beylerbeyi Palace

Gardens of Beylerbeyi Palace Romantic Places in Istanbul

This palace’s title is simply “the Lord of Lords’ Palace.” It is where empresses and dukes from other countries were entertained that Beylerbey Palace was the Ottoman sultans’ summer retreat. You can now go through the steps of the royals and envoy’s past and view much of their original decor. The gardens, one of the best romantic places in Istanbul, include crystal ornaments, Egyptian reed moulding, rugs, and handcrafted wooden furniture.

Golden Horn

Golden Horn Romantic Places in Istanbul

You certainly should visit the Golden Horn if you’re searching for the most romantic sites in Istanbul. Why are you asking? Why? It’s to see your life’s most romantic sunset. The whole place looks wonderfully like a storybook country once it’s over. Ships in the harbour choreograph the picture extremely well with shimmering lights. The highlight of your honeymoon in Istanbul could be spending some time here with your wife.

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