Istanbul Film Festival: An Influential Event

The Istanbul Film Festival is Turkey’s largest, most well-established and most prominent film event, having exhibited a total of 3,250 Istanbul films, featuring 103 country movies and attracting a total of 3,150,000 people over the past 30 years. It is also the largest Turkish film festival with an audience of 150,000 in 2011. Launched as a film week in 1982, the FIAPF has been authorised in 1989, and aims at promoting cinema in Turkey and promoting quality films on the Turkish market.

Istanbul International Film Festival

A total of €25000 as its major prize, The Golden Tulip, is presented at the Istanbul Film Festival, an international competition (restricted for arts and artist films or literature adaptations). The festival will feature the National Concours, A National Documentary Competition and a Human Rights Concurrence in Cinema supported by the Conseil de Europe. It will show Turkish films as the most active, worldwide promotion platform in Turkey. Every year in April, the festival will present roughly 200 films.

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Istanbul Film Festival

The International Competition for Golden Tulip is accessible only in the fiction, film or animated arts sectors (literature, theatre, music, dance or film, plastic), or literary adaptations. Turkish Cinema 2015-2016 includes the subparagraphs Documentary, New Turkish Cinema and National Golden Tulip Competition. For these areas, fictional and documentary features; subject sections can be chosen.

Istanbul Film Festival Rules

Istanbul International Film Festival An Influential Event

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format and a minimum duration of 60 minutes may be chosen for competition in fiction, documentary or animation films (topic New Perspectives in the Film sector). Films are not to be taken into consideration, excluding Turkish entrants, if released before 1 January 2020 or already published in Turkey.

Documents and other requisite items encompass filling out entry form, send DVD with submitted film by mail.

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Istanbul International Film Festival will only pay both shipping fees for the prints if the prints are shipped from and returned to their suppliers. If the prints are shared with another festival, only the refund fees will be paid by the Istanbul Film Festival. The other festival must send the films prepaid. Unless authorised by the Istanbul Film Festival, no packages will be allowed for collection. The Festival will cover the storage, customs, insurance and handling fees in Turkey.

Two weeks from the end of Festival, films will be returned. The delivery details are communicated to the recipient. The Festival does not pay for airport storage charges

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