Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque in Istanbul: The Prints of History

Istanbul is a lovely city with enchanted beauty, numerous monuments, and historical significance. Sultan Ahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque) is a must-see for anybody visiting this picturesque city. It is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks, located in Fatih Read More

The Most Beautiful must-visit Mosques in Turkey

Turkey’s mosques are more than just places to pray; they’re also gorgeous tributes to Islamic art. These famous mosques in Turkey are as architecturally significant as they are attractive, from their intricate interiors to the massive grandeur of their exteriors. Read More

Top Attractions in Istanbul Turkey

Turkey, without any second opinion, possesses such zones that are renowned for their uniqueness. This exclusivity can be comprehended in multiple aspects like landscapes, mountains, beaches and particularly the historical places. While shedding light on the historical places in the Read More

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