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Turkey, without any second opinion, possesses such zones that are renowned for their uniqueness. This exclusivity can be comprehended in multiple aspects like landscapes, mountains, beaches and particularly the historical places. While shedding light on the historical places in the context of Turkey, a very striking and conspicuous word ‘Istanbul’ can be thought about. Istanbul possesses the great level of historical significance that any other city in Turkey does not has. In addition to its historical perspective, thousands of tourists move towards Istanbul every year since Istanbul offers the prettiest places in Turkey. A rich value of Turkey tourism, nowadays, is now inter-depended upon Istanbul.

1st  Istanbul Turkey

One of the most attention-grabbing things of Istanbul is that multiple names were used to associate with it like: Stamboul, Constantinople, and Byzantium – former names of Turkey. This city, besides being best of Turkey and the city what is Turkey known for, has once been the capital of Turkey. The one who yearns to visit Turkey and ponder over ‘what is famous in Turkey’ never forgets to consider Istanbul. Nowadays, Istanbul is considered one of the best Turkey tourist places. Considering Turkey tourism, I am going draw some light on what is Turkey famous for and explore the prettiest places in Turkey.

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Topkapı Palace Turkey

Topkapı Palace Turkey  Istanbul Turkey

Topkapi Palace, a paragon of beauty, was built by Mehmet the Conqueror shortly after the takeover in 1453. He stayed here till the time of his death – 1481. Topkapi was the palace used as a living place by the Sultans came afterwards. Cobbled square, just outside the palace, cast a spell over its spectators. This ornate structure becomes the center of attention of viewers before their entry in palace’s Majestic Gate.

First Court

The place specific as ticket office can be found in the First Court which is located just before the Second Court’s gate.  Walking through the First Court, also named as Parade Court, you will witness the Byzantine Church on the left side.

Second Court

The Second Court of the palace, commonly used for business purposes to run the empire, is led by the Middle Gate. Back to Ottoman times, there were merely two personalities who were permitted to pass through the Middle Gate staying on horseback whereas it was restricted to everybody else to enter in this position but entering by alighting. Dissimilar to other prominent European palaces, Topkapi Palace possesses a stunning garden-like environment along with a series of sleeping quarters, kiosks, spectators’ chambers and kitchens.

Aya Sofya

Aya Sofya  Istanbul Turkey

Mehmet the Conqueror transformed this construction into a mosque in 1453 previously considered and visited as a church in 537. Later on, Ataturk considering the architectural design, remarkable history and religion significance professed it a museum in 1935. Mosaic of the Virgin & Christ Child date back to nineteenth century is the crucial sight of this museum. While in Istanbul, tourists never forget this historical construction.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque  Istanbul Turkey

Blue mosque is one of the most extraordinary memorials in the world. Located in Istanbul, the chief city in Tukey, it has become the most popular tourist captivation. It was constructed between 1609 and 1616, during the rule of Ahmad I. As was the convention, this mosque like others of the period, incorporates a tomb of the creator and a hospice.  Creation of the mosque started in 1609. The imperial architect Sedefhar Mehmat Aga, was engaged by the Sultan as in-charge of the project. The inaugural ceremony was held in 1616.

Blue mosque reflects the architectural elegance of both Ottoman Mosque and Byzantine church. Hagia Sophia was also kept in visualization as a model. The inner of the mosque at the lower level is line with more than 20,000 hand-made earthenware tiles in more than 50 altered tulip schemes. Blue Mosque possesses six minarets. A weighty iron chain swings in the higher part of the court entrance on the western side. This side was destined for the Sultan alone. The chain was put there so that the Sultan had to lower his head each time he enter in the court.

Süleymaniye Mosque Istanbul Turkey

Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymaniye Mosque is the 4th majestic mosque constructed in Istanbul. Four minarets stand one each at the four corners of the mosque, while the others two at the end of the forecourt have only two balconies. The four tall minarets with ten attractive balconies had a typical associations with the Sultan, that is, the four magnificent minarets were built to represent that Sultan was the 4th ruler of the city and 10 balconies in each minaret were constructed to depict that after the establishment of the city he was the 10th Sultan. The interior of this mosque possesses remarkable beauty others lack. Muslims across the world have unflinching religious associations with this mosque.

Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Grand Bazar is considered as the heart of Istanbul. People enter into this bazar through a small curved warehouse. It was constructed on the orders of Mehmet in 1461. This Grand Bazar encloses an extended area designed with numerous lanes between warehouse. On the both sides of these lanes are shops of multiple items. Visitors tend to buy and carry different items with them. Most of these items are made in Turkey and portraying the culture of Turkey. The best time, tourists relish the environment and hustle and bustle is the night time; the multicolored lights and professional behavior or shopkeepers are what make visiting Grand Bazar tremendous and memorable.

Kadıköy Produce Market Istanbul Turkey

Kadıköy Produce Market

Kadıköy Produce Market is famous for its quality-consciousness in the items sell here. You will witness fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits as well. This market, oftentimes, is crowded with locals but tourists also take interest to get over here and enjoy a variety of food. Kadıköy Produce Market, as compare to other markets, is not much vast but instead of that locals and visitors spend hours in purchasing merchandises.

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