Snowfall in Sivas has Its Own Magnificence

Sivas Turkey

Sivas was a significant provincial capital during the Ottoman Empire, and in September 1919, Mustafa Kemal, who would later become the first president of Turkey, summoned the second national congress there, despite the city never regaining its former splendour. The Ottoman Empire was eventually overthrown, the republic was established, and the European occupying armies were driven out as a result of this conference.

Snowfall in Sivas has Its Own Magnificence

After Sivas experienced snowfall, the 48° Fahrenheit Altnkale travertines revealed special beauty.

After the snowfall in the Altnkale Travertines in Hot ermik, which is a remedy for many diseases in Sivas, intriguing photos were revealed. After the snowstorm, the hot spring water, which is 30 minutes outside the city centre and draws attention with its 48 degree temperature, provided a visual feast. The area drew notice with its colour and texture as hot water vapour rose from the white travertines.

Altnkale, which has attracted interest due to its limonite and hematite contents and has seen a high volume of tourists both in the summer and winter, has been the setting for some memorable cold weather events.

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Sivas Turkey

The Altnkale Travertines span an area of 21,000 square metres, where the area’s geological and geomorphological structure is notable and resembles an outdoor geology museum. With its resemblance to the Pamukkale Travertines in the province of Denizli, Altnkale in Hot Ermik also attracts attention because to the abundance of bungalow homes, thermal hotels, and facilities there.

Many ailments, including rheumatism, abnormalities of the mental system, respiratory tract, digestive system, metabolism, kidney and urinary tract, muscle discomfort, and gynaecological conditions, are treated by the thermal water in the area.

Orhan Aykan, who travelled to Altnkale, claimed that the seasons have distinct beauty, saying:

“I urge everyone to visit Altnkale both in the summer and the winter. Your inward feelings are both frigid and warm as you take in the scene. Each season has its own distinct beauty. When paired with the cold air of winter, the hot water releases steam that makes for a stunning sight.”

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