Sanki Yedim Mosque in Istanbul: A Peculiar Title

Sanki Yedim Mosque

The interior of Istanbul’s Sanki Yedim Mosque is roughly 100 m2 and the outside space is 130 m2. It can hold up to 200 worshippers. The mosque is a reinforced concrete structure with four quarters and enormous domes. The minaret has one reinforced concrete balcony, and the mosque is devoid of architectural art sceneries; it is rather plain.

Sanki Yedim Mosque History

Sanki Yedim Mosque

One of the oddest, funniest, and most telling anecdotes is that of the the mosque. Hayreddin Kececi Efendi, a pastoralist who lived in Istanbul’s Fatih neighborhood, is said to have died. He used to wander around marketplaces and say to himself, “as if I ate,” and save the money in a box anytime he needed fruit, meat, or candy.

After several years of saving the majority of his earnings, he was able to build a tiny mosque in his neighborhood. As word spread about his narrative, the mosque was dubbed “Sanki Yedim,” which has since become the oddest name for a mosque in Istanbul, if not the entire globe.

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Sanki Yedim Mosque Location

Sanki Yedim Mosque

If you visit Istanbul and walk to Kirbaci Nam Street in Fatih, you’ll find the mosque among the old houses, a witness to a poor man’s deep dedication and discipline. He forewent life’s joys in order to construct a mosque that would have a significant impact in the hereafter. “If life delights beckoned you, respond it: as if I ate!” says the man in his story.

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