Lake Gölbasi Attracting an Influx of Tourists

The elegance of Lake Lake, also known as Hatay’s evil bead, impresses people who view it. In the Krhan district, Lake Gölbasi, which attracts attention with its scenery, vegetation and fauna and covers a total area of 7 million square meters, is home to 175 kinds of birds.

Lake Gölbasi

The lake attracts a large number of people, especially during the summer, and offers spectacular views from boat crossings. Lake Gölbasi is one of Hatay’s first attractions for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Ayhan Yavuz, the mayor of Krkhan, indicated that they are working on a project worth 2 million TL to help with the tourism of Lake Gölbasi. Yavuz stated:

“Lake Lake has a total area of 7 million square meters and the area covered by the watershed is 4 million square meters. It is a place where 175 varieties of birds migrate. Again, there are rare eels and different types of fish in the world as we call them.”

“They have implemented a project that they care about in the lake. It has been fully approved and has a budget of around 2 million, but there are bureaucratic hurdles to start the project, and when we overcome them, hopefully we will have completed our project in 2023. After the first stage of our project is completed, both the villagers living here and the locals will contribute to the economy of their people.”

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Lake Gölbasi Attracting an Influx of Tourists

“Thanks to the project, we will announce our District of Kırıkhan to all of Turkey. We intend to send a message to the world by declaring this area, which we have declared a national wetland, perhaps an international wetland, and bringing together gazella gazelles, the mountain gazelle that lives right next to us.”

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