The Spots still Hidden from Tourists in Istanbul

Nearly ten million tourists from all over the world visited Istanbul in the year 2021, with Arab tourists making for a significant share of the total, around three million. Surprisingly, most tourists visit Istanbul’s most iconic landmarks before they become well-known. Some, on the other hand, want to go to locations in Istanbul that tourists are unaware of; they want to discover Istanbul’s secrets, learn about what’s new, and enjoy seclusion and serenity.

Nekkastepe Park

Nekkastepe Park turkey

The large Nekkastepe Park, a 50,000-square-meter park in Uskudar, is another tranquil location for individuals looking for quiet areas in Istanbul. An aviation runway, a tennis court, a shooting range, fitness areas, an adventure route, a biological water pond, a wooden bridge, and a waterfall can all be found in the park. The park has been outfitted with all of the necessary amenities. Camping fans can enjoy both the sea and the forests at the same time.

Goksu River

Goksu River turkey

The Goksu River is recognized for its clean waters and tranquility, making it ideal for a stroll or a boat ride. Don’t forget to stop into My Moon cafe while you’re there. Fatih Park, Sile Lighthouse, and Sile Lake are among the attractions that overlook it. From the Beykoz area, the river flows through Istanbul, providing opportunities for fishing. Safaraq Tourism encourages you to contact us and book through its representatives to appreciate the beauty of the river and explore its environs.

Kucuksu Palace

Kucuksu Palace

Kucuksu Palace, which dates from 1856 and located on a 400-meter stretch of the Bosphorus Strait, was built as a rest stop for horse riders and fishermen. The carved ceilings with magnificent embellishments and manuscripts, as well as the exceptional marble colors, distinguish this mansion. The style of the staircase, the modest water basin, the imported furnishings from Europe, and the rare oil paintings all stand out. Visitors enjoy taking a tour of the lake and adjacent fountain outside the palace.

Bosphorus Boat Cruise Tour – Dolmabahce Palace

Mimar Sinan Urban Forest

Mimar Sinan Urban Forest Istanbul

Mimar Sinan Forest, one of Istanbul’s most beautiful forests, is located near Zubeyde Hanim, Sultan Gazi, on an area of more than 3 million and 400,000 square meters. The forest, which first welcomed tourists in 2012, is a great location for family picnics and walks, as well as experiencing the most beautiful seasons. The forest has a lovely lake dam, which is guarded by a tall wooden tower from which you can get the best views of the clear water and lush flora.

Catalca Village

Catalca Village Istanbul

Catalca is Istanbul’s largest area in terms of area, at 1,291 km2, and is roughly 56 km from Istanbul city center, with a lovely long shoreline running across the Black Sea. The region is known for its agricultural goods and forests, with industry coming in second, with the textile and pharmaceutical industries being the most well-known. The city is tranquil as a result of its small population, giving the place a sense of comfort and serenity. Tourists looking for Istanbul’s hidden gems travel to the Catalca district to witness the lovely villages of Flamengo, Yalikoy, and Ormanli.

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