The Best Things to See in Sandland Antalya

The Sand Sculpture Museum in Antalya is one of the most important sand sculpture events in the world, features like a large area, the number of artists involved and the volume of sand used for the show. In the world-famous Lara beach in Antalya for 10 thousand tonnes of river-sand on 10 thousand square metres, with every year a new theme and extraordinary work here, you can have a good time in Sandland Antalya.

Things to See in Sandland Antalya

There are numerous giant statues depicting mythological, historical, and architectural legends from all around the world in the region. Let’s have a look!


Thor Sandland Antalya

He was the most powerful Norse deity after his Father Odin in the Scandinavian mythology. His strength is founded on his father Odin, two mystical artefacts. Mjolnir, a big hammer, signifies “crusher” one of those objects.

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The Tuaregs are a branch of the Berbers from North Africa. For almost a thousand years they had been living in the Sahara as a nomadic tribe. The Tuaregs, who themselves call themselves Imuhar (free human), live in a family with strong traditional relationships with each other. A real Tuareg woman is shown in this piece of work.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum Sandland Antalya

The Flavianus amplifying hall is also known as the Colosseum, an arena in Rome, the Italian capital. It started under the Emperor Vespasian, who in 72 AD was a skillful commander and under Titus in 80. Emperors used to fight gladiators here to entertain and partially entertain Roman citizens. It’s one of the world’s New Seven Wonders.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Sandland Antalya

It is a remarkably well maintained old Incan city up to date. It’s one of the world’s seven wonders. It was built at 2360 metres above sea level by the Inca emperor, Pachacutec Yupanqui, who was the Incan monarch in Peru at the pinnacle of the Andes around 1450. Machu Picchu comprises of stone buildings that with over 200 stair systems are connected to one another.

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Things to Consider before You Go

The Best Things to See in

To guarantee your admittance to one of the biggest sand carving events in the world, book your Sandland entry ticket. The International Festival on Sandland Antalya is a huge sand sculpture show. This event is turned into a beachfront open-air museum to view sculptures, take innovative LED addition by night, watch documentary festivals, and go swimming in the Mediterranean.

  • Enjoy more than 100 professional artists’ sand creations.
  • Ideal for families seeking beach-side activities.
  • Take your towel and swimwear.
  • Day or night visit the festival when LED displays come alive.
  • Pre-book your ticket to Sandland, one of the world’s most important events in sand sculpture.

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