Saklikent Canyon: The Most Preferred Place for Vacationers

With its 5-degree water, Saklikent Canyon, which divides Muğla and Antalya, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who are overheated. Saklikent Canyon, run by the municipality and situated in the Kayadibi area of Mugla’s Seydikemer district, is accessible to both adults and students for 23 and 12 liras, respectively.

Saklikent Canyon The Most Preferred Place for Vacationers

The atmosphere of the 5-degree stream that gives life to the exceptionally beautiful landscape shields visitors from the scorching summer heat as they cross the 200-meter bridge to reach the entrance to Saklikent Canyon.

When tourists use ropes to cross the flowing water, they can feel the thrill of walking on a naturally formed pathway with steep inclines.

During the busier summer months, the canyon can receive up to 6,000 tourists each day, making it one of the most popular holiday spots.

Discovered by a shepherd years ago, Saklikent Canyon now welcomes visitors from Turkey and many other countries, according to Seydikemer Mayor Bayram Önder Akdenizli. Said Akdenizli,

“5–6 thousand people visit the canyon daily, where interest increases every year,” the canyon that separates Muğla and Antalya has become a resting place for tourists with its spring water about 5 degrees, especially in the hot summer months. Saklikent Canyon has grown to be well-known both in Turkey and worldwide.

The canyon has grown to be a popular tourist attraction in the area. Every year, more people come to see the canyon because we invite everyone to do so.”

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Akdenizli pointed out that in addition to Saklikent Canyon, the area is home to other historic cities and stunning natural areas.

Furkan Sarıerikli, who visited from Ankara for holiday, expressed how much they enjoyed the canyon and how they used its water to cool down during hot weather.

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