A Century in Cappadocia: 100 Balloons and Flags Mark the Milestone

On the centennial of the Republic, 100 hot air balloons carrying 100 Turkish flags and Atatürk posters set off over the Cappadocia region.

Due to the Republic Day, hot air balloon tour companies in the Cappadocia region saw a surge in business when they hung 100 balloons, 100 Turkish flags, and Atatürk posters atop their balloon baskets. The sky was decked with a heart-shaped balloon with the Turkish flag.

A Century in Cappadocia 100 Balloons and Flags Mark the Milestone

According to balloonist Tolga Eke,

“We are quite thrilled to be celebrating Republic Day on October 29 like children. We shall fly our magnificent banner and the Turkish flag in the sky on this, the centennial of our republic. We are thrilled to share this memorable day with our international guests. With the Turkish flag and posters of Atatürk, we will soar to the stars.”

1 Day Cappadocia Tour With Hot Air Balloon Ride

Owner of the balloon company Mehmet Dinler stated,

“Today marks the centennial of our young Republic, which was founded on October 29, 1923. First and foremost, we owe our founder, the Great Leader Atatürk, an immense debt of gratitude. Although we did not form the Republic, we are the generation that will preserve it and transmit its principles to upcoming generations.

The Republic of Turkey is a democratic, inclusive, pluralistic, and tranquil country. We can comprehend the Republic’s ideals more fully when we consider the developments that have occurred in our nation over the past 50 and 100 years. One virtue is our republic. Let the Republic live on. Happy Republic Day, October 29, and our nation’s 100th anniversary!”

On the balloon tour, which began at sunrise and lasted for almost an hour, tourists delighted in witnessing the region’s endlessly captivating distinctive features while gliding amid the fairy chimneys and experiencing the Republic Day excitement. Turkish flags and Atatürk posters fluttering among fairy chimneys hundreds of meters above the ground formed a new environment, a visual feast.

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