Mardin Tourism: Where History and Modernity Converge

The city is feeling the severity of autumn on the part of Mardin tourism which is notable for its historical architecture and is one of the tourist destinations, is enjoying the last days of summer.

Mardin Tourism Where History and Modernity Converge

September, October, and November are busy this season, according to President of the Mardin Tourism and Hoteliers Association Özgür Azad Güngör, who stated that the tourists who cancelled their bookings because of the earthquake want to visit during the winter.

Güngör stated that they enjoyed an excellent September and October.

“We had an earthquake in February that devastated Turkey. By moving their reservations to September and October, our guests did not cancel. Mardin has recently turned into a 12-month tourist destination. The visitor is enjoying their day very much. Throughout the year, spreading Mardin is one of our main objectives.”

“We may have accomplished this recently, in my opinion. Even in November and December, when we look at the incoming numbers, we notice requests for reservations, excursions, and special New Year’s activities. The fact that the season spans 12 months makes us joyful. We’ve worked very hard on this. Mardin’s four seasons each have a beautiful ambience.”

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Güngör, shedding light on Mardin tourism, stated that Mardin is one of the preferred cities based on the poll results.

“According to recent studies, 10 out of 7 respondents expressed a desire to visit Mardin. Every ethnicity and religion that visits Mardin leaves with a fragment of itself. They feel a strong sense of brotherhood and civilization as they pass by madrasas, museums, churches, and mosques side by side.”

“They are thoroughly pleased with their visit. Our goal is to make our visitors feel as comfortable and happy as possible. There is no longer a dead season or an event that says “don’t go on such and such date” in Mardin, thus I would like to invite our future guests to book their reservations in advance. Festivals and important organizations are set up.”

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