Captivating Quiet City: District Views Fit for Postcards

Göynük, dubbed the “quiet city” neighborhood of Bolu, offers breathtaking views during the winter. Viewed from above were the white-covered historical Göynük homes. The other day, snowfall was successful in Göynük, the historically rich region of Bolu, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia.

Captivating Quiet City District Views Fit for Postcards

The area known as “quiet city” had a white blanket covering it because of the snow. Winter brought a new beauty to Göynük, one of Bolu’s Ottoman towns that attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists with its old buildings.

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Musa Ocak, who traveled to Göynük for a nature walk with his trekking group, stated,

“We frequently go for walks in Göynük. We are arriving to take in Göynük’s lovely, pure air and oxygen. I advise everyone to do it.”

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