Mount Suphan Frozen: Icy Faces Tell the Tale of Summit Success!

Mount Suphan Frozen: Mount Süphan, the third highest mountain in Turkey, is reached after a strenuous summit climb of 4,058 meters by two mountaineers, one of whom is a manager of the Rota Nature Sports Club.

Mount Suphan Frozen Icy Faces Tell the Tale of Summit Success!

Rota environment Sports Club continues to offer strenuous winter climbs as part of its efforts to promote the Van Lake Basin and increase awareness of environment.

Two of the club managers, Sedat Karacan and Fatih Cıngü, completed a challenging course as part of the winter program. First, the mountaineers who continued on the climbing route reached the base of the cone portion of Mount Suphan frozen, where snow thickness reached up to two meters in certain spots.

After putting their luggage beneath the cone, which had a 45-degree slope and a height of around 250 meters, the climbers made their way to the top.

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Here the mountaineers could enjoy the rare sight above the clouds, their faces nearly frozen from the chill of the weather. President of Rota Nature Sports Club Sedat Karacan provided information on the topic, stating that Süphan Mountain presents a difficult winter climbing route.

Karacan noted that completing a climb requires a high level of physical and mental preparation.

“Even with two persons, we are pleased with our accomplishment. Man should attempt to adapt to nature rather than oppose it. In light of this guideline, we assess the best circumstances the mountain permits for our climbs.”

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