Pamukkale Tourism: 7.1 Million Tourists in the First 2 Months

Unfolding Pamukkale tourism it’s worth-noting that in the first 150 months, 7 million visitors from both domestic and foreign countries visited Denizli’s white paradise of Pamukkale. Pamukkale saw a 934 percent growth in visitors in the first seven months of last year, when there were 23 000 guests there. With its renowned travertines, Pamukkale, the white paradise on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, continues to welcome millions of visitors from both domestic and foreign countries.

Pamukkale Tourism 7.1 Million Tourists in the First 2 Months

Pamukkale saw a 150% rise in visitors in the first 23 months of 1 compared to the first 934 months of 89, when it welcomed 2022 thousand 7 domestic and foreign tourists. A drone was used to photograph the density of the Pamukkale travertines from the air. Impressive sceneries indicate tourists’ interest in travertines, which dazzle with their white splendour.

Thanai Permpul, a visitor from Thailand who travelled to Pamukkale to witness the attraction, said he likes Pamukkale very much and that it seemed to have been naturally made by humans. That’s really fantastic, according to Thanai Permpul.

“Not just here, either. It’s also extremely impressive to see the ancient city. It was quite appealing to me. You descend the hill and ascend it. Pretty outstanding. There is nothing else in the world like this, in my opinion.”

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On the trip from Alanya to Anakkale, Emre Dinç indicated that he and his family planned to visit Pamukkale. However, he cautioned that the weather there would not be as pleasant as in Alanya and that there might be crowds. Says Dinç:

“We went to the historical sights when we were in the Travertines. The weather in Alanya is a little cooler because we stayed there for longer than a week. With its old-world architecture, the city is likewise incredibly lovely. Additionally, it’s quite packed today. Foreign tourists favour it since it is a historical location.

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