Orhaneli Attracts Everyone to Its Greenery

The Orhaneli area, 30 minutes outside of Bursa, is a verdant wonderland. The area draws visitors with its untouched historical character and abundant natural beauty, whether in the summer and the winter. King Hadrianus of Rome founded Orhaneli, which has a long history of settlement, initially as a hunting location. Even the rock bath he erected for his wife still survives today in Sada Canyon, a well-liked tourist destination.

Orhaneli Attracts Everyone to Its Greenery

Until 1934, Orhaneli went by the name Beyce and was the subject of a song by Zeki Müren. The Sada Canyon, Orhaneli Rafting, and Beyce Natural Life and Sports Center in the region, where nature tourism investments stand out with initiatives that will add value to the district, have drawn a lot of attention in recent years.

Today’s nature enthusiasts have a wide range of needs, and the region is a place that can meet them all. The district’s economic structure also includes agriculture and animal husbandry. In its fertile grounds and arable lands, there is extensive fruit and vegetable agriculture. In Orhaneli, where many fruits are exported, production of blueberries, raspberries, and wolfberries has recently increased in addition to strawberries, cherries, and cherries.

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Orhaneli district

Ali Aykurt, mayor of Orhaneli, provides a thorough explanation of the district and its projects;

“We encourage the agricultural produce that our people prefer while simultaneously giving them the chance to sell their goods in the Historic Beyce Market. Our market has a 700-year history. Every Tuesday, tea is served as it starts with a blessing prayer. Native Americans sell their organic goods here that they grow on our productive lands by hand. Our Historical Beyce Market is the marketplace where Zeki Muren sings, “A Fadimem, let’s run away with you, let’s open a shop in Beyce market.” Those seeking organic goods from the Orhaneli branch, the city of nature and natural people, are also welcome to join us.”

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