Lavender Fields Grab Visitors’ Attention to its Beauty

Lavender Island Grabs Visitors’ Attention to its Beauty

The lavender fields, which are in the Yozgat neighbourhood of Ekerek and draws attention with its scent and purple colour, has captured the interest of thousands of people, particularly photographers. Visitors can enjoy seeing the lavenders bloom on Lavender Island by pulling them off with their special view.

Lavender Fields location

In Kuyucak, the lavender fields truly got their start by chance. According to legend, a local rose grower from Isparta visited Provence, France, and returned with a handful of lavender seeds to offer to his friends. The lavender fields expanded throughout time, and today this tiny community provides more than 90% of Turkey’s lavender needs!

The General Directorate of Forestry and the ekerek Municipality combined efforts to establish a lavender island in Yozgat’s ekerek district. 250 thousand plants of lavender were transported to the lavender island that was built around the Ekerek Dam, covering an area of 1,500 decares. Social amenities including wooden viewing terraces, camellias, lavender gardens, promenades, dock and restaurant, solar panels, children’s playgrounds, and a balloon departure location may be found on the newly formed lavender island.

lavender island

Numerous tourists stroll through the lavender flowers on the island with a view of the ekerek Dam and take pictures. To capture this distinctive landscape forever, photographers and members of nature travel to the lavender island. The lavender island, which is frequented by thousands of residents both during the week and on the weekends, has already begun to develop into the region’s tourism hub.

On the other hand, the ekerek Women’s Initiative and Business Cooperative, which was introduced to the region, also makes cosmetic goods from lavenders in accordance with Vice President Fuat Oktay’s local development plan. Producing lavender soap, cream, cologne, and oil allows the cooperative’s female workers to significantly boost the economies of their own countries.

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When to Visit the Lavender Fields

Lavender Island Grabs Visitors’ Attention to its Beauty

The greatest time to visit Kuyucak to observe the lavender fields in bloom is from late June to late July, just like most other lavender fields across the world. By doing this, you may be sure that you’ll get the best possible view of the lavender fields.

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