Mars on Earth: Eğribucak’s Cliffs Painted in Icy Extravagance

With their color and structure, the boulders of Eğribucak—dubbed ‘Mars on Earth’ in Sivas—turned white when the snow fell. The area was blanketed in white by the snowstorm, which was quite effective in Sivas.

Mars on Earth Eğribucak's Cliffs Painted in Icy Extravagance

There was also plenty of snow on the cliffs of Eğribucak, which are 15 kilometers from the city center and resemble “Mars on Earth.” With winter, the cliffs—which resemble Mars and become red in the summer—created pictures straight out of a postcard. Those who were pleased with the final vista did not forget to take pictures.

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Faruk Polat, who took a stroll at the Eğribucak rocks, stated,

“This location has a long history of formation. This location is highly valued by the governor’s office and the university, who plan to undertake successful projects here. It is scheduled to begin in the spring of the following year. Numerous local tourists are drawn to this location. In the summer, there are a good number of visitors.

This place is known by the name “Sivadokya,” and we refer to it as Mars. Both residents and students stroll about here. We are glad to have so many distinguished visitors to our village. Both summer and winter are lovely seasons to visit this place. In the winter, it has a distinct visual appeal. Photographers arrive, hikers pose. Though there isn’t much snow right now, the scenery is stunning. Everyone is welcome here.”

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