Mount Spil outshines the rest as it’s in autumn dress

Mount Spil outshines the rest as it's in autumn dress (2)

Mount Spil, also known as Mount Sipylus, is a mythical and historical peak in Manisa Province, Turkey, in what was once the Lydian heartland and is now Turkey’s Aegean Region. Its peak dominates the modern town of Manisa as well as the route between Izmir and Manisa. Mount Yamanlar, which likewise overlooks the Gulf of Izmir, has been mistakenly identified as an extension of the Mount Sipylus massif, with which it shares many records, despite the fact that it is an extinct volcano and a separate geographical formation.

Mount Spil outshines the rest as it's in autumn dress (2)

Mount Spil National Park, located at an elevation of 1517 metres in Manisa, offers fall beauty with its indigenous vegetation and yearling horses. Aerial drone captured the scene of the woodland. Mountain Spil National Park piques the interest of travellers and photographers, particularly with its colourful trees in the final days of fall and natural wonders such as vegetation and lakes.

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The forests, with their yellow and brown tones, delight nature enthusiasts. A drone was used to capture the autumn view of the area. “I travel all the time in times left over from my work,” Hasan Kadir, who arrived to Spil Mountain National Park on a motorcycle from Izmir, remarked.

Mount Spil outshines the rest as it's in autumn dress

“I try to capture the natural beauties of winter, especially by visiting various parts of the Aegean Region. With the arrival of autumn, I watch the yellowing leaves. We have a life that gets monotonous because of work. In this way, we are intertwined with nature and, like a detox, we both remove the poison in the city and rest our heads by taking clean oxygen,” he added.

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