Bitlis’ Stone Houses Catch Tourists’ Attention

The eastern corner of the Muş Plain, the plateau west of Lake Van, and the wild, hilly region on both sides of Bitlis are all part of the Bitlis area. Long winters and heavy snowfalls characterise the climate in mountainous places. Fruits, grain, and tobacco are among the agricultural goods; industry is confined to leatherworking, tobacco product manufacturing, and coarse textile weaving and dyeing. Bitlis’ Stone Houses are among the most conspicuous spots for tourists.

Bitlis' Stone Houses Catch Tourists’ Attention

In the autumn, the age-defying stone buildings of Bagda hamlet in Bitlis’ Hizan district greet visitors. In the fall, photographers, travellers, and visitors flock to the settlements, which are mostly made up of multi-story mediaeval stone buildings located on the slopes between steep valleys.

Nature lovers and photographers will be fascinated by the hamlet of Gayda in Hizan, which are made up of stone cottages. Villages with antique stone cottages built on slopes between deep valleys, many of which are approximately 300 years old, have recently been inundated with visitors.

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Bitlis' Stone Houses

Groups from all over Turkey travel to the Bitlis’ Stone Houses to view the distinctive sceneries created by the stone houses in the villages and the changing hues of the autumn leaves. Due to high demand, Vadi Natural Sports Club, based in Van, arranged a tour of the region for the second time this year. The region is in high demand, according to Club President Omer Demez, particularly in the autumn and winter. It is added:

“With the arrival of autumn, a tremendous visual feast emerges when the village of Bagda combines with both historic stone houses and autumn color revelry. Visitors are amazed by the region’s historic stone houses and autumn views. This year we organized a second tour on very high demand. Hopefully, we will organize tours a few times in the winter months.”

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