Autumn Gives Horma Canyon a New Beauty

Autumn Gives Horma Canyon a New Beauty

Various colors of brown, yellow, red, and orange were used to decorate the canyon and waterfall in Kastamonu Pinarbasi, which stands out for its natural beauty. Horma Canyon and Ilica Waterfall, both in Kastamonu’s Pinarbasi district, are known for their canyons and welcome tourists with autumn colours.

Autumn Gives Horma Canyon a New Beauty

Horma Canyon and Ilica Waterfall, which are connected by a 3-kilometer-long wooden platform, are attracting an increasing number of tourists each year. The region is adorned with green hues and coolness in spring and summer, brown, yellow, red, and orange shades in autumn, and presents a distinct beauty in winter by turning white, welcoming guests in all four seasons.

The canyon, which created over ages during The River Membrane’s voyage, was finally made navigable from one end to the other using a 3-kilometer wooden platform fastened on the rocks with nails. Visitors can enjoy all of the beauty of the canyon, which has taken on autumn colours, by using the wooden platform that runs through the massive rocks.

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The natural lake produced by discharging the water reaching Ilica Waterfall from 10 metres also attracts visitors after crossing Horma Canyon of around 3.5 kilometres. Autumn hues abound in the trees surrounding the waterfall. The region, according to Pinarbasi Mayor Enol Yasar, offers “quite special charms.” It is added:

“Horma is a magnificent canyon that Turkey recognizes beyond Kastamonu with its 3-kilometer walkway and has no precedent elsewhere in Turkey.”

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