Mostar Bridge still Holds its Historical Beauty

The Mostar Bridge was also crucial for the name of the city that sprang up around it. The bridge has long been the capital of the Herzegovina Region. On July 23, 2004, a project was undertaken to rebuild this bridge, and the new bridge was opened. In 2005, UNESCO designated the bridge as a World Heritage Site.

Mostar Bridge History

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In 1566, Architect Hayreddin, one of Mimar Sinan’s disciples, designed the bridge, which was highly praised. As a result, the area surrounding it has begun to be referred to by the same name. The most important city of the Herzegovina Region, which was present among the Ottoman Empire’s territory at the time, has since become the Mostar Region. The bridge, which was constructed in an inventive manner, was the work of a hand that had undergone Mimar Sinan’s training in all aspects.

For centuries, the bridge, one of the most remarkable monuments in Islamic architecture and known in Bosnian as “Stari Most,” has cemented its place among the most important figures of the Balkans by linking the Croatian and Muslim peoples who live on opposite banks of the river. As per international authors, the Mostar Bridge was not intended to be regarded as a Turkish work for many years. The bridge, on the other hand, was created by Architect Hayreddin and was one of the achievements of Ottoman Architecture during the XVI century Classical period, as specified in the edict.

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Mostar Bridge


Per its age, the Mostar Bridge, which stands 24 metres tall above the Neretva River, is 30 metres long, and has a width of 4 metres, was created using superior technology. 456 mould stones were utilised in the construction of the bridge. After it was erected, the Mostar Bridge was named after the surrounding city.

It has greatly revitalised and enriched trade. As a result, the bridge has risen to become the most important city in Herzegovina’s Region. For many years, athletes of a daring disposition have used the bridge as a leaping platform. Before the wedding, the city’s males were seen jumping over the bridge to exhibit their courage to their fiancée, as per customary. On the Neretva River in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Architect Hayreddin, a student of Mimar Sinan, created the Mostar Bridge in 1566.

Mostar Bridge Location

Mostar Bridge still Holds its Historical Beauty

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to the Mostar Bridge. The bridge, which is located on the Neretva River and divides the city of Mostar in half, is a very old construction. For ages, magnificent edifice, which holds a significant historical and architectural significance, has aided in the migration of thousands of people from one shore to the other. It functions as a physical and spiritual bridge because of its quality. Under the direction of UNESCO and the World Bank, the Mostar Bridge, also recognised as a symbol of fraternity, was rebuilt in 1997.

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Mostar Bridge Map

Mostar Bridge Map

How to Get to Mostar Bridge

The bridge can be reached by plane from Turkey via Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, or by connection. The location is also accessible from a number of European cities. The quickest way to go to Mostar is to take the Istanbul-Croatia route.

It is also possible to get an airline ticket to Sarajevo and then go to Mostar by road or rail from there. There are no direct flights from Turkey to Mostar Airport, which is located 8 kilometres from the city centre. With the waiting period, the total flight time is seven hours. Mostar Airport offers a variety of taxi and automobile options for getting to the city core.

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