Gelidonya Lighthouse grabbing tourists’ attention

Gelidonya, one of the Mediterranean Sea’s guide lights, is a renowned tourist spot in the region. It is located in the Kumluca district of Antalya and has been casting a light on seafarers since 1936. One of the highest lanterns on the Turkish coast is Gelidonya Lighthouse, which is located on the famous Lycian Road in The Stony Cape. Tashlikburnu Lighthouse, also known as Gelidonya, is positioned 227 metres above sea level, 3 kilometres in- and 3 kilometres out.

Gelidonya Lighthouse grabbing tourists’ attention

The lantern, which is placed on pointed cliffs in the Coastal National Park, is powered by the sea or two kilometres away from the trail. The view from the Gelidonya Lighthouse, which is nestled between a pine, thyme, and sage-scented forest and the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean Sea, is equally noteworthy. Tourists that go down the route to the lantern can enjoy a walk in nature while taking in the autumn hues.

Tourists from all over the world, particularly from Russia, Ukraine, and Germany, go to the location where the lantern is placed to take in the breathtaking spectacle. Climbers who participate in camp activities are also interested in the area where tour caravans travel.

Adem Karatac, Mayor of Mavikent Neighborhood, remarked that interest in the Gelidonya Lighthouse is growing every day, and that they have a lot of tourists. Cisterns were discovered inside the lantern, according to Karatac, and rainwater was gathered and drunk in cisterns long ago.

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Gelidonya Lighthouse grabbing tourists’ attention (2)

Visitors have a fantastic time in nature, according to Karatac:

“It was busy in summer and busy in winter. The lantern receives a lot of visitors every season. With the first rain, the grass, the tulips come out. It turns different in the fall. Gelidonya Lighthousehas grown in popularity, it is now famous. The visitor shares it on social media, the seer comes. Tourists are attracted to them, but students come from all over Turkey. Some shows are also being filmed in the area. When the interest was intense, tent campsites were created in that area. It also contributes significantly to tourism.”

The Lantern, which was built in 1934 and began operations in 1936, is a lighthouse on the Turkish coast that is placed at the highest point. The lamp, which was originally powered by gas oil, is now powered by the solar system. Cape Gelidonya, Stony Nose, and Swallow Cape are all served by the lantern. A merchant shipwreck wreck located five islands in front of the Gelidonya Lighthouse is considered one of the most important wrecks in the history of the globe’s nautical world.

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