Artvin putting Autumn attracts Tourists Worldwide

Artvin, located high in the Kaçkar Mountains on the Black Sea coast’s eastern end, is about as far away from Istanbul as any settlement in Turkey can get. In terms of distance (1317 kilometres, 818 miles) and atmosphere, Artvin – the best of Turkey – is a long way from Istanbul. This is a hardscrabble town of mountain farmers, orchard arborists, and cattle herders who work in poor soil.

Artvin putting Autumn attracts Tourists Worldwide

Artvin, with its rugged and mountainous geographical structure, “Black Sea Climate,” “Mediterranean Climate,” and “Terrestrial Climate” features, is among the first preferences of nature lovers with its rich vegetation, unspoiled natural lakes, waterfalls, national parks, and resembles oil paintings with the appearance of yellow, green, red, orange, and brown shades of vegetation in autumn, and resembles oil paintings with the appearance of yellow, green, red, orange, and brown shades of vegetation.

Many hills and valleys in the city, like Genya Mountain and Hatila National Park in the centre of Artvin, Mençuna Waterfall in Arhavi, Karagöl and Camili Basin in Borçka, Karagöl and Camili Basin in Borçka, Karagöl, Yavuzköy, Sahara National Park, Papart Valley, Butterfly Valley, Arsiyan Plateau, Kocabey Plateau, Snowçal Plateau, etc.

Artvin, a popular destination for people who prefer to spend time in nature away from the stress and noise of the city, provides guests holiday chances in the fall pastel colours. The Shavşat neighbourhood of Artvin, which has created a name for itself on a national and worldwide level after obtaining the title of “Calm City” at the Cittaslow 2015 General Assembly in Milan, Italy, is one of the sites where nature enthusiasts are increasingly interested each year.

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Best of Artvin

Osman Orhun Ersoy, a visitor from Bursa, said he came to observe and experience the autumn splendour of Shavşhorse on his vacation. In Shavşhorse, Ersoy reported he saw four seasons at the same time and added:

“I invite everyone to Shavşat. There’s snow in the mountains. The meadows are green, the trees are yellow. Animals graze in the meadows. Nature is fascinating.”

“Shavşat is a really natural wonder. Nature has taken on different shades. I like it a lot. There’s snow in the mountains, below we can see the different seasons of green. It’s a great place.”

With its fresh air and wildlife, “Shavşat Karagöl” in Sahara National Park, which offers daily outings as well as the option to camp in the neighbouring woodlands, provides tourists with peace of mind. Aydin Mutlu, who travelled from Trabzon and camped with friends at Kargöl, said he has been involved in outdoor activities for years and that Shavşat Karagöl has a very wonderful nature and beauty for campers.

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