The Safest Places for Money Exchange Istanbul

Istanbul is a vast and magical city that receives a big number of visitors every day. Turkish governments have accepted tourism as a “factory without chimneys” since the early days of the Turkish Republic. For the Turkish economy, it is one of the most important inflows of foreign cash. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted in Istanbul, which serves as Turkey’s gateway city and is home to two major international airports, Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. However, once you leave Istanbul, some small businesses and shops do not accept credit cards, and most merchants in Istanbul prefer cash over credit cards due to bank restrictions. So, it becomes crucial to know how to get money exchange Istanbul.

The Safest Places for Money Exchange Istanbul (2)

ATMs may be used to withdraw Turkish Lira, Dollars, and Euros all across Istanbul. On the ATM machine, you can select from a variety of language options. For your convenience, you can select Turkish, English, Arabic, French, Russian, or another language. Please keep in mind that not all languages are supported by machines. In major centres, finding ATM machines is not difficult, but travellers visiting other parts of Turkey can use Google Maps to find ATM locations and choose the one that is nearest to their location. Due to bank and exchange restrictions, each ATM charges varying exchange costs.

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Money Exchange Istanbul

Regrettably, currency exchange in hotels or airports will not provide you with a fair exchange rate like those in crowded tourist districts like Sultanahmet, Eminonu, Taksim, Beyoglu, Kadikoy, Laleli, or the Bosphorus area. Because these are popular tourist destinations with a large number of hotels, the chances of receiving a favourable exchange rate are relatively high. Particularly when contrasted to airports and shopping malls. Because there are fewer options to pick from inside airports, you will not be able to obtain a fair exchange rate. It makes sense to exchange a modest amount at the airport to go to the city core and then the remainder at tourist attractions.

The Safest Places for Money Exchange Istanbul

Even though there is a variation in rates between the airport and the city centre, there is not a significant difference if you are not changing a large quantity of money; it is only a few kuruş. You can check current rates at the Central Bank of Turkey’s official website before travelling to the exchange office. However, because the rate given on the internet is for electronic currency, you will never acquire it. In general on the part of money exchange Istanbul, the more money you exchange (about $50,000), the closer you will be to the prevailing exchange rate.

Although all money exchange Istanbul offices in tourist regions are safe, there will be minor differences in the currency exchange rates given. Banks and exchange offices usually always offer the same exchange rates. Around general, the greatest prices can be found at exchange offices in the Grand Bazaar and surrounding areas.

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