Taxis in Istanbul: Everything You Need to Know

Despite the incredible expansion in Istanbul’s population over the last 50 years, the number of taxis has oddly remained the same, posing a significant difficulty in Istanbul residents’ daily lives. More than 17,000 services of taxis in Istanbul are available, which has a population of 20 million people, up from 2 million when the final cab was allowed by the municipal authorities. Locals and the media have recently questioned the matter, but no further action has been taken. People try to avoid public transit, especially during a pandemic, but they rarely succeed in grabbing a taxi, and getting a cab is nearly difficult most of the time.

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There are several mobile apps for taking a cab, however most of them do not answer the phone or are fully booked due to the high demand. We can definitely declare that getting a taxi in Istanbul is quite a hassle, especially because Uber is not functioning in the city due to rules and is outlawed throughout the country. The city is also known for tourist traps in cabs, which exacerbates the situation – taxis in Istanbul.

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Public Transportation in Istanbul

Taxis in Istanbul Everything You Need to Know

Istanbul is one of the world’s most crowded areas, with a surface area of almost 5,000 km2. Getting around is not always easy. Furthermore, the topography of the area makes the construction of public transportation difficult (Istanbul, like Rome, was built on seven hills). In order to expand public transportation in Istanbul, the city is currently undergoing a massive initiative. This project primarily entails the expansion of Istanbul’s metro system as well as the creation of a link between the two continents. The project’s first phase, which opened on October 29, 2013, connected the Asian and European sides of the Bosphorus via a railed tunnel beneath the Bosphorus.

Getting around Istanbul

Besides taxis in Istanbul, buses and trams are the greatest means to navigate around Istanbul, as they conveniently cover the touristy places. However, keep in mind that buses do not have maps inside and drivers do not announce stops, so you’ll need to stay alert and keep an eye on where you’re going. The metro is likewise a reliable and inexpensive mode of transportation; however, stops are spaced more apart and are not as well-positioned for seeing the sights.

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From Istanbul Atatürk Airport, you can use the city’s metro and bus systems to go into the city (IST). Walking between the sites in Sultanahmet and Eminönü is possible, but you’ll need to take another method of transportation to get to other neighbourhoods. Because traffic signs are in Turkish and accidents are common, driving is strictly prohibited. Ferries go between the European and Asian sides, as well as to the Princes’ Islands.

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