Beyond the Ruins: A Journey Through the Side Archaeological Museum

The old city’s ruins in the present-day Manavgat city are the reason for Side’s fame. The largest city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, Antalya, is one hour’s drive away. The Side Archaeological Museum, housed in a distinctive edifice, presents a modest but interesting collection among all the still-standing buildings and walls.

Side Archaeological Museum A Journey Beyond the Ruins

We’ll walk you through your visit to the Side Archaeological Museum and provide you with all the essential facts you need to know before you go in this post.

Side Archaeological Museum History

One of the most important amenities in any ancient Roman town or city was a bathhouse. Relics found in and around this town are housed in collections housed at the 2000-year-old Agora Bath of Side. Its foundation was laid in the second century CE, and it appears that renovations were made in the fifth or sixth century. In the early 1960s, the five chambers of this bath were refurbished to become the museum you see today.

With its statues, friezes, everyday goods, jewels, coins, sarcophagi, and inscriptions, the ancient ruins transport you back to that era of history. The hot, warm, cold, and sauna chambers, where Roman aristocrats and the higher classes used to spend their free time, are all filled with them.

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Side Archaeological Museum Beauty

There are some medieval inscriptions in the gardens, which are often utilized for exhibitions. The heavenly statues of Hercules and Hermes are on display, showcasing the craft of sculpture. The Three Graces and Aphrodite make a lovely coupling on the frieze as well. The ladies’ statue was discovered during amphitheater excavations. Glassware, jewelry, weapons, and religious accessories are among the other outstanding pieces.

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