Mardin in Turkey: A Culinary Odyssey Through the Southeast

With its deep-rooted history and rich cultural elements, Mardin in Turkey, one of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia, continues to be a well-liked tourist attraction. After a busy summer season, the tourism industry is getting ready for the coming winter. Near the end of the summer season, tourism experts are getting ready for the winter. Winter should be a busy time of year.

Mardin Sets 1 Million Tourists in 2023

According to Aslan Paşolu, president of Tourism Enterprises, the winter season will be intense. Paşaolu remarked,

“The tourism industry in Mardin is growing every day. As you are aware, we have a season for cultural tourism in the spring and the fall. Despite the current intensity, we in the tourism industry are working to extend this season and fit it into a full year. We’ll make sure more visitors arrive.”

Paşaolu added that a variety of events would be held to draw tourists:

“We’ll be doing certain things. There are many festivals here. In November of this year, we will reprise the International Cultural Festival that was held here last year. Together with the worldwide activists union, we will host Ahmeran art gatherings in Mardin. There will be 60 to 70 activists and artists traveling from abroad. Here, we’ll engage in some activities. These activities play a significant role in promoting Mardin. The fact that Survivor Mexico was filmed in Mardin was a big help for the city.”

Bosphorus Boat Cruise Tour – Dolmabahce Palace

Paşaolu claimed that the summer season in Mardin in Turkey did not proceed exactly how they had hoped.

“We experienced an earthquake as a nation. Because of the earthquake, there was a decline. We didn’t have the summer we wanted. Due to the chilly weather, tourists were likewise in short supply.”

“Reservations are busiest in September, October, and November. We believe it will be successful. Mardin’s major benefit is that it doesn’t get too chilly in the winter because it isn’t by the sea. The fact that the air is dry here doesn’t affect anyone. Additionally, we benefit from this. We are fortunate in that regard because it is a city that attracts tourists for cultural tourism.”

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