Here’s Everything to Know about Guzeldere Waterfall

There are many waterfalls in Duzce, notably Guzeldere Waterfall, one of Turkey’s most stunning and impressive waterfalls. This region makes for an excellent camping location surrounded by verdant forests and gorgeous scenery, far from the clamour and oppressive heat of cities. The 130 m high waterfall is Turkey’s biggest and most magnificent waterfall, and when you arrive at the place, there is a lengthy staircase leading down to the waterfall area.

Here’s Everything to Know about Guzeldere Waterfall

The waterfall, which is surrounded by beech trees and flows over rocks, is at its most magnificent in the spring and autumn. Guzeldere Waterfall in Duzce draws those who enjoy the outdoors. It is surrounded by a thick forest and a variety of colourful plants.

With its natural woodland, greenery, and freshwater streams, the waterfall region in the Golkaya district has developed into a popular tourist destination in recent years. As was previously noted, Guzeldere Waterfall is one of the highest in Turkey, with water falling from a height of roughly 130 metres.

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Guzeldere Waterfall

Due to its proximity to the Efteni area, which is home to 150 different species of birds, the waterfall area is also quite significant from a tourism perspective.

The Golkaya Municipality’s investments have turned the area into a popular tourist destination, complete with a sizable green space, wooden cabins, and a handy camping place.

The waterfall is roughly 630 metres above sea level, however there are no hotels or other places to stay in the vicinity; camping is the only option. There is a restaurant, a grocery store, and even restrooms. Alternatively, you can travel to the village of Guzeldere to buy necessities.

Güzeldere Waterfall Nature Park

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Güzeldere Waterfall Nature Park is a natural park that was established in 2011 on a 22.76 hectare area inside the boundaries of Güzeldere village in the Gölyaka district of the province of Düzce. When Biçki Creek flows through the Gölyaka district, it creates a waterfall near Güzeldere Village that cascades 130 metres down. The dense greenery on Elmack Mountain draws attention to the region. The upper portion of the natural park is home to Pürenli Plateau, while the lower portion is made up of Efteni Lake Wildlife Development Area.

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