Kefrum Castle is Waiting for Its Enthusiasts

As the only castle of the city constructed from brick material in the area, Kefrum Castle, which is located in Diyarbakr’s Kulp district and is believed to be at least 5,000 years old by local historians, is waiting for its fans of nature and parachute sports.

The only castle in the Diyarbakr region made of brick is Kefrum Castle, which is situated in the Kulp district. When doing field research in the area, Prof. Dr. Rfan Yldz, Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design at Dicle University, and Head of the Amida Höyük Excavation, determined that the castle was at least 5,000 years old and that there was likely once a settlement in the area.

Kefrum Castle turkey

However, it is also clear that during the Safavid era, when the bey was appointed to the area, consultation and approval were obtained with the tribes and this democratic administration was processed in the region. It is known that the castle served as the administrative centre of many civilizations. The inner castle and the outside castle make up the entire castle. The inner castle contains about ten building foundations and water cisterns. Recently, the fort served as a military base.

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According to claims made to a reporter for the hlas News Agency (UHA), Prof. Dr. Rfan Yldz, Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design at Dicle University, the location was the former Kulp district settlement, and the Kulp settlement was in this area until 1899.

Prof. Dr. Yldz stated that the district government relocated to its current location after 1899, adding:

“It did so to the village known as Pasor/Pasur at that time. We are in an old part of the world. It is believed that this area once hosted a settlement around 5,000 years ago. There is an agreement with the Hurrians. Earlier than that, there was possibly a village here. It is a geographically protected area and is particularly near to Kulp Brook. The triangle’s location led to the selection of Kulp, Muş, and Silvan as settlements at the same time.”

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