The Breathtaking Spectacle of Kaval Waterfall, Turkey

The Breathtaking Spectacle of Kaval Waterfall, Turkey

The ‘hidden paradise’ of the area, Kaval Waterfall, was visited by members of the Yüksekova Nature Lovers Club Association of Hakkari. With its tall mountains, crystal-clear streams, glaciers, lakes, deep valleys, waterfalls, caves, and thousands of various species of flora and wild animals, it is a natural wonder.

The Breathtaking Spectacle of Kaval Waterfall, Turkey

Ava Orê Waterfall and Geliyê Qewalê (Kaval Valley) are two features of this wonder. The Ava Orê Waterfall, which is on the Hakkari province’s border, is beautiful at all times of year. Despite being Autumn, its greenness is unaffected in any way. In the sweltering summer, it welcomes guests with cool air, and in the warm, myriad colours of fall, it does the same.

The weekly visits made by members of the Yüksekova Nature Enthusiasts Club Association help to promote the city’s core and its neighbourhoods. The 50 members in the party, headed by the tour guide Etin Yorgun, enjoyed the day by swimming in the Kaval Waterfall after ascending to Mount Kato’s base.

Kahraman Aytan, president of the Yüksekova Nature Enthusiasts Club Association, stating that the Kaval Waterfall, a natural wonder, waterfalls imposingly from a height of 20 metres and added:

“We continue to introduce a region every week. Today we also visited Kaval Waterfall. We brought nature lovers to the hidden paradise of Hakkari. Kaval Waterfall, an untouched natural wonder, is currently attracting our guests from outside. Friends cool off here, swim and take pictures. These places should now be fully tourism.”

Kaval Waterfall turkey

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Çetin Yorgun, a member of the association, said that they came to the region with a group of 50 people and added:

“Kaval Waterfall is a wonderful place with its nature. The friends swam to the fullest despite the cold water. We can say that it was a very good day. Kaval Waterfall already amazes those who see it. These places are known as the heart of the region.”

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