Sedir Island Welcomes Thousands of Tourists Every Year

Cleopatra Island, also called Sedir Island, is situated 18 kilometres north of Marmaris. The island is well-known for the ancient city of Cedrae and the Cleopatra Beach, a golden sandy beach. The majority of tourists that travel to Marmaris visit this wonderful location while they are there.

Sedir Island attractions

Sedir’s Cleopatra Island is a gorgeous promenade area. The harbour of the Camli settlement is located not far from the island. With the ruins of the ancient city of Cedrae, the golden sands of Cleopatra Beach, the sun, and the sea by your side, you can enjoy a fantastic beach and cultural day out here.

The transportation hub is the Camlik Port. The little settlement of Camli is located around three kilometres from the Camlik Port. It is thought to have been the site of the first settlement in the Caria region. There, you’ll find clean water, fresh air, and stunning scenery.

Sedir Island Welcomes Thousands of Tourists Every Year

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With its magnificent shores, Sedir Island attracts hundreds of tourists every year. The island, which is visible from the air, is one of the essential stops for excursion boats and is now a popular destination for both local and international tourists.

When the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her lover, the Roman Commander Antonius, met on the island, it is thought that ships from Egypt brought the island’s golden sands. One of the most crucial characteristics of sand is that it multiplies in water, burns when exposed to fire, and appears to move when inspected under a microscope.

Things to do in Sedir Island

There is a beach in a little bay in the northwest of the island that is interesting since it is thought that Cleopatra used to swim there and that Mark Anthony imported it as a present for his beloved Cleopatra.

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