Akkaya Travertines: Bolu’s Oasis, Welcoming Guests in Every Season

Situated on the Mudurnu road, 10 kilometers southwest of Bolu, Akkaya Travertines is known for its stunning surroundings, earning it the moniker “Pamukkale of Bolu”.

One of the few unspoiled natural areas still present in Bolu and the Western Black Sea Region is the Akkaya Travertines. The area’s water is roughly 20 degrees Celsius and rich in calcium. Lime volatilizes and deposits of limestone are created when water runs down the terraced surfaces, releasing carbon dioxide.

Akkaya Travertines Bolu's Oasis, Welcoming Guests in Every Season

The wonderful nature of Akkaya Travertines, sometimes referred to as the Pamukkalesi of Bolu, draws the attention of the locals both in the summer and the winter. In winter, the travertines, where locals go to cool down in the summertime water, make for picture-perfect scenery.

With its natural beauty and mineral-rich waters, the 10-kilometer-distance Akkayalar Travertines—dubbed the “Pamukkale of Bolu”—have drawn the attention of locals both in the summer and the winter. Psoriasis, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions are treated by locals in mineral water pools, sometimes referred to as healing warehouses.

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In winter, travertine pools, which are utilized for cooling down in the summer, provide picture-perfect scenery. The person in charge of Akkaya Travertines, Yücel Sağlam, stated,

“The Akkaya Travertines are Bolu’s miniature Pamukkale. We offer walking paths, viewing terraces, travertine, travertine caverns, mineral water fountains, and amusement places inside. In summer and winter, mine water pools have a temperature of 21–22 degrees.

This water works wonders for psoriasis, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. There are also regular consumers who visit us. They recover and return. Rather than from the Bolus, they are from outside the province. Pamukkale Travertines is preferred more by provinces that are farther away from it.”

The mildly flavored mineral water in the travertine pools is the park’s main attraction. Swimmers can cool down in the naturally formed rock pool or take a refreshing sip from the fountain.

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