Why Kaputas Beach is a Must Visit Place

How to Get to Kaputaş Beach

The Antalya area is widely cherished for its stunning scenery and sandy shorelines, making it a highly sought-after getaway spot. Kaputas Beach, renowned for its mesmerizing vibrant turquoise waters, stands out not only as one of the most captivating beaches along the Lycian Coast but also as one of Turkey’s most exquisite coastal treasures. If you haven’t yet discovered this hidden gem, you’ve come to the perfect source of information! We will provide you with comprehensive tourist details to ensure a delightful visit to Kaş’s magnificent Kaputaş Beach.

Things to Do at Kaputas Beach

The Bay

Nestled beneath towering cliffs lies a hidden treasure known as Kaputaş—a small paradise awaiting discovery. This bay, located near Kaş, has long shed its status as a well-kept secret. It encompasses the dazzling Kaputaş Beach, stretching 150 meters and boasting golden, fine-grained sand, turquoise waters, and a majestic cliff standing a meter tall.

To access this Mediterranean gem, one must descend a lengthy and steep staircase comprising 187 steps from the coastal road. As you make your way down, a sight of one of the most exquisite beaches in the region unfolds before you.

Administered by the municipality of Kaş, this picturesque natural beach remains unspoiled, making it a captivating destination for swimming and sunbathing. The transition from sandy shore to the crystal-clear sea is indicated by small pebbles.

The water’s temperature is relatively cooler due to the presence of spring water that flows into the bay, while its unusual depth of 8 to 10 meters adds to its unique allure.

During peak season, umbrellas and sunbeds are typically available for a fee. On-site facilities include showers, toilets, and changing rooms to cater to visitors’ needs. Additionally, a small snack bar offers refreshments, snacks, and delectable ice cream.

Blue Cave

Located in proximity to the island of Kekova, the Blue Cave stands as one of the most renowned attractions in the region, captivating visitors with its enchanting allure. This former haven for pirates derives its name from the mesmerizingly bright blue hue of its waters, a sight that never fails to astound those who witness it.

Exploring this natural marvel is only possible by boat, as the powerful currents around the cave’s entrance make swimming from nearby Kaputaş Beach ill-advised. Fortunately, numerous boat tours originating from Kaş and Kalkan offer the opportunity to embark on this adventure.

By navigating through a small opening within the cliff face, visitors can swim into the heart of the cave and marvel at its awe-inspiring grandeur. The interplay of sunlight filtering through creates an ethereal sapphire blue ambience, evoking a sense of enchantment that borders on the magical.

Entrance and Tickets to Kaputaş Beach

Why Kaputas Beach is a Must Visit Place

Entranced to the beach is complimentary, allowing visitors to access its beauty without any charge. However, for those seeking extra comfort, sunbeds and umbrellas are available for a fee. To secure a spot close to the beach, it is advisable to arrive in the morning and claim your place early, as the beach tends to become crowded during peak seasons.

For an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to capture cherished memories, booking a boat tour to Kaputaş and its surrounding areas is highly recommended. Online reservations provide convenience and offer a variety of options to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect tour that suits your preferences. These boat tours not only provide incredible photo opportunities but also leave you with lasting impressions and unforgettable moments.

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How to Get to Kaputaş Beach

Things to Do at Kaputas Beach

Nestled within a picturesque bay along the coastal road connecting Kaş and Kalkan, you’ll find the captivating Kaputaş Beach. This exquisite beach is situated on the renowned Lycian Coast, precisely 7 km away from Kalkan and approximately 20 km from Kaş.

The town closest to Kaputas Beach is Kas, which is likely to be your starting point. Kas holds a special place in our hearts as it was our favorite destination along the Turquoise Coast, and we highly recommend allocating some time to explore this charming town. Fortunately, there are three convenient and straightforward methods to travel from Kas to Kaputas Beach in Turkey.

Rental Car to Kaputas Beach

The first and most apparent option is to rent a vehicle for your journey. However, we must caution against this unless you already have a car for your trip. Parking availability is limited to almost nonexistent, and the few spaces that do exist are situated on the side of a narrow road atop the cliff. In all honesty, you might find yourself driving in circles, patiently waiting for someone to vacate their parking spot instead of heading straight to the beach. If you do opt for this option, it’s advisable to arrive as early as possible in the morning to secure parking.

Minibus to Kaputas Beach

The most affordable option, which we personally utilized, is catching a minibus to reach Kaputas Beach in Turkey. For a mere 20 Lira, we boarded a minibus from the main bus station in Kas. The journey lasts approximately 25 minutes and conveniently drops you off right at the stairs leading to Kaputas Beach. It’s essential to communicate with the driver and inform them that you intend to disembark at Kaputas Beach, as this is just one of the stops along the route. It’s worth noting that minibuses in Turkey are often crowded, and you may need to stand in the aisle when all the seats are occupied.

Taxi to Kaputas Beach

Taxis are available from the center of Kas but tend to be significantly more expensive compared to the bus option. During our visit, the cost of a taxi ride from Kas to Kaputas Beach was approximately 300 Lira (equivalent to $17 USD). However, taxis can be a viable choice if you are pressed for time or traveling in a group. Remember to obtain the taxi driver’s contact number to arrange for a return trip or plan to take the minibus back to Kas.

Tips for Visitors and Tourists

How to Get to Kaputaş Beach

Arrive early

To secure a spot in the front row and make the most of your visit to this magnificent beach, it’s advisable to arrive early. During the peak summer months, sunbeds are limited, and being one of the first to arrive gives you a better chance to enjoy the best beach in Turkey.

Affordable sunbeds

For a reasonable price of just 50 Lira (equivalent to $3 USD), you can rent sunbeds, which is quite inexpensive compared to other popular beaches in Europe. An added convenience is that they accept credit cards, providing a pleasant surprise. With the price being so reasonable, it’s definitely worth considering getting a sunbed with an umbrella.

Towel area and considerations

If you prefer not to pay for sunbeds or if you’re looking for a quick dip, there is a small area on the left side where you can lay out towels. However, keep in mind that this section lacks shade and the beach has a rocky terrain, so it may not be the most comfortable spot to relax.

Bring your own snacks and drinks

While there is a small restaurant and an ice cream stand at the bottom of the stairs, many visitors prefer to bring their own refreshments. Bringing your own cooler with snacks and drinks allows you to cater to your personal preferences. In fact, you might notice some locals bringing traditional Turkish coffees and teas with them.

Facilities available

There are toilets located just behind the restaurant, as well as separate changing rooms for your convenience. Additionally, at the top of the stairs as you leave Kaputas Beach, you’ll find a place to wash your feet, ensuring a clean and comfortable departure.

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