The Beauty of Kaleici Antalya: All You should Know

Most of the visitors thought, “How enormous would it be to live here?” Kaleici Antalya was a dingy, decaying district, the old town of Turkey’s largest summer destination city (not too many years ago!). Years of extensive repair, we can declare without a doubt that Kaleici became one of the most attractive and unique sites in Antalya, with much regard to old history. Together with Sığacık, it is Izmir, with layers of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Seljuk and Ottoman history, the most beautiful historical settlement on the land.

For everyone Antalya has much to experience and enjoy. Kaleici Antalya is one of the city’s most beautiful sites. Two fortified walls are flanked by it. The layers of history may be found in the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras. Kaleici, Antalya’s historic centre offers everything including classic old buildings, sweet eateries, souvenir shops and weekly bars.

Center of Antalya

Currently Kaleici is one of Antalya’s most popular centres. Both local people and tourists come to chill out. Old residences, nice restaurants, picturesque tourist shops and active taverns with tables streaming into paved streets. And these streets seem like they came from a period movie — at every turn you will want to take photos!

Things to Do in Kaleici Antalya

Learn all you need to know about Kaleici, Old Town of Antalya. The tour guide for all tourists can be found here.

Kesik Minaret

Kesik Minaret

Most visitors would also remember this Mosque of Ulu (, which was erected as a basilica in 5th century and was called the Kesik Minaret – best of Antalya. In the Byzantine time, many changes were made and in the Ottoman period it was rehabilitated and renovated. It was formerly the Panagia Church but in the Ottoman period it was transformed into a mosque. Part of the room is also utilised as a hall called Antalya Mevlevihanesi, which is called Rumi, or Sema Dance. Both constructions are publicly available.

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Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Grand Sait Pasha built the Clock Tower of Antalya in 1901 while Sultan Abdulhamid II reigned. On all four sides of the 14-meter-high tour you can see the clock dial, and the top features a bell. The clock is the oldest portion of the tower, as clock pieces were replaced over the years. Clock Tower is one of the best things to see in Kaleici Antalya when you’re in Turkey.

Navigate the Marina

Navigate the Marina Kaleici Antalya

Antalya was one of the largest port cities in the eastern Mediterranean during the Byzantine era. In this era the marina in the suburb of Kaleici played an important role. While the marina has been modernised lately, for many centuries the port is one of the most historic destinations in the region. Navigating the Marina in Kaleci Antalya is also among the most fascinating activities.

Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian’s Gate, one of the best things to see in Kaleici Antalya, stands on four splendid pedestals created by the best craftsmen of the time and seems to be most of the triumphant Roman arches you can see everywhere in the world. The Emperor and his family had formerly been statues above the arch. Although removed, at several museums throughout Europe, you may still see some of the items.

Submarine in the Marina

Submarine in the Marina Kaleici Antalya

It seems too touristic frankly, but if you have children, you might want to go to Nemo. You can also go on a private tour, which is a recent addition with the submarine. The boat can accommodate up to 44 persons and can take 10 dives a day. The tour lasts approximately one hour and falls 35 metres — you won’t have any pressure changing.

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Wandering in Kaleiçi

Wandering in Kaleiçi

The old city is a small place, and walking isn’t an issue. As I have said previously. You will have to take the stairs to the port if you want to visit. Some individuals may feel tired, but also you can pause by one step for admiring the landscape. Most streets are restricted to vehicles throughout the historic city. Kaleiçi may be reached by car or cab, however you can drive only on some of the tiny main streets of the city which are regularly busy with tourists. The streets are often packed and difficult to go on.

Kaleici Museum

Kaleici Museum Kaleici Antalya

Run by the foundation Suna and Inan Kıraç, valuable works that keep Turkish culture alive can be found here. The museum consists of a 19th century traditional Kaleiçi House and Aya Yorgi Church. These two buildings were purchased by the foundation and converted into a museum, which they identified as required conservation. During the process, the structures were repaired and public use was developed.

Karaalioğlu Park

Karaalioğlu Park Kaleici Antalya

The Hıdırlık Tower is a 14-meter tower on the south-west corner of Kaleiçi’s fortification walls. It goes back to the 17th century and was a tower and a lighthouse. It is located on the side of the 140,000 square metre Karaalioğlu Park. Start the tower and stroll from end to end if you’re lucky. Built around 1940, the park itself contains three observing decks. Various sculptures by famous local artists are also available, including “Worker and Child” by Mehmet Aksoy.

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