The Overlooked Jalaleddin Harzemshah’s Grave

The Overlooked Jalaleddin Harzemshah's Grave

Jalaleddin Harzemshah’s grave: The Sultan 1st Kilicarslan, son of Suleyman Shah, who founded the Anatolian Seljuk State and stopped the Crusader movement with the wars he won, and his daughter Saide Hatun were discovered in the Silvan area of Diyarbakir by a panel constituted by Dicle University in January.

While the burial site was being landscaped, Dr. Arafat Yaz, who has ruled for nearly 200 years as the heir to the Great Seljuk State, began researching islamic historical sources with Dr. Oktay Bozan, head of the History Department at Dicle University Faculty of Literature, in order to locate the Jalaleddin Harzemshah’s grave, the last leader of the Harzemshahs, who governed for nearly 200 years.

The Overlooked Jalaleddin Harzemshah's Grave (2)

According to Doç. Dr. Bozan, during their research on the burial site, which is a source of fascination in Turkey and particularly in Uzbekistan, they discovered a source that has never been studied and has been missed until now.

Doç. Dr. Bozan, who stated that the burial site was described in great detail in the work ‘Mir’attü’z-Zaman Fi Tarihi’l-Ayan’ by Islamic historian Sibt Ibn Cevzi, who lived under Jalaleddin Harzemshah, said that the tomb to be uncovered after the excavations will be an important tourism destination between Ahlat and Diyarbakir.

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The Overlooked Jalaleddin Harzemshah's Grave

According to Associate Professor Bozan, over 30 sources of Islamic history revealed that the tomb existed in Silvan, although the site was not precisely detailed.

“The date of the murder of Jalaleddin Harzemshah is 1231, and the date of death of Sibt Ibn Cevzi, who gave information on this subject, is 25 years after that. Therefore, celaleddin harzemşah is the same age and lives on the same dates, the place where he lives is very close to here, he is someone who gives very detailed information about this region, he is a reliable source as he is a source that we cannot give up when writing the history of the region, and when the information provided by this source is read together with other information, it reveals in a way that leaves no room for discussion”

Doç. Dr. Bozan stated, Silvan is a key hub for Islamic and human history.

“At the beginning of January 2021, studies were initiated on the burial site of Sultan Kilicaslan, the Seljuk Ruler of Anatolia. With this study, the question of ‘Which other monarchs have tombs in Silvan’ was raised. We said that Jalaleddin Harzemshah’s grave was also in Silvan. In this context, different opinions were also included. In this review, we have come to the conclusion that. It is certain that Jalaleddin Harzemshah’s tomb is in Silvan.”

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