Longoz Forest has Taken on Fall Colors

Longoz Forest

In the Forties, Turkey’s and Europe’s greatest longoz forest of beech and oak-heavy trees is turning golden. The many colours of green, yellow, orange, and red mirrored in nature, especially in fall, have added eye-catching splendour to the Istranca Forests, which take on a diverse beauty with each season. Longoz also impresses its tourists in autumn with its quiet environment, which includes endemic vegetation, wild and unusual bird species.

Longoz Forest

Longoz Forests attracts attention with its splendour, which contains 5 lakes, 544 plant species, 46 living creature species, 25 reptile species, 50 animal species, 30 freshwater fish species, 20 sea fish species, and 219 bird species. Unsaturated sceneries are created by yellow leaves falling into streams, vegetation that protect shades of green in all seasons, and trails through the forest.

On the Black Sea coast of Thrace, the Istranca Forests, which are covered in oak and pine trees, provide a visual feast with the hues of the hazan season. Longoz, which attracts people thanks to its hiking pathways, streams, and bird watching tower, is now home to photographers.

Longoz Forest has Taken on Fall Colors

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Photography lovers who visit balkan villages in the forest in order to obtain the ideal frame also encounter inexhaustible beauty. Longoz Forest have a different beauty these days, according to Veli Sen, Director of Culture and Tourism for the Forties, with the hues of the hazan season.

Sen welcomed all local and foreign travellers to see the natural wonder forests, claiming that the Longoz Forest had a different beauty in each season. Declaring that the forests are particularly popular with photographers Sen stated:

“The Forties is a hidden paradise with a unique location that opens to north West Thrace, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. For this reason, we would like to share with you these unique beauties of the Forties, especially in autumn, and to welcome you here. They’re going to have a good time taking some great pictures. People working in Istanbul or the surrounding area will be able to relieve their stress, hike, photo safari, sporting activities. They will return to life with the pleasure of that riot of color.”

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