How you can make your Istanbul tour unforgettable

Our list to things to do in Istanbul includes popular tourist sites, sights, leisure, day and night activities, trips, and tours. With its colourful everyday city life and vibrant nightlife, Istanbul provides guests with an amazing experience. The city’s stunning silhouette incorporates numerous ancient sites, churches, palaces, and mosques. Furthermore, the city is one of the most vibrant metropolises in the world, with a diverse range of intercontinental events, international film, music, and theatre festivals, international biennials, and over 80 museums and numerous art galleries showcasing all aspects of culture, art, and history.

Visit Galata and Taksim

Galata Istanbul One of the must-see Places in Turk

We immensely suggest visiting and seeing the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, which is home to popular tourist neighbourhoods Galata and Taksim – best of Istanbul, for those who are true enthusiasts of metropolitan city life and enjoy the city’s lively nights and vibrant streets, as well as the city’s most visited monumental sites and museums. Taksim, with its iconic Taksim Square, is a must-see for all visitors, and the area is often bustling with tourists snapping photographs in front of the monument or the vintage tram. You may continue down Istiklal Street from Taksim until you reach the Galata area of Beyoglu – one of the things to see in Istanbul.

5 Days Turkey Tour – Istanbul Ephesus Pamukkale

Visit Sultanahmet area

Sultanahmet Square

We highly recommend visiting and seeing Sultanahmet area to those who are true history buffs who want to explore the city’s historic sites. It’s the most efficient method to take in the city’s sights, sounds, and smells. The rich Byzantine legacy and the majesty of the Imperial Capital may be felt and experienced at Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet will undoubtedly provide you with the finest Istanbul experience in a nutshell. Sultanahmet is home to nearly all of Istanbul’s most popular historical and tourist attractions.

Enjoy the Bosphorus Cruise

Bosphorus Bridge Turkey Bridge connecting Europe Asia

In addition to the other popular doings in Istanbul, taking a Bophorus Cruise is one of the most conspicuous things to do in Istanbul. Typical Bosphorus Cruises start just east of the renowned Galata Bridge and proceed to Anadolu Kavagi, the Bosphorus’ Black Sea entry, with various tourist stops along the way.

Bosphorus Boat Cruise Tour – Dolmabahce Palace

Enjoy the Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul

Most Delicious Turkish Food Dishes

If you are in Istanbul, you are only a short distance from sampling the delectable delicacies of Turkish cuisine, including spicy and fiery Anatolian and Aegean dishes freshly prepared with olive oil. At a selection of well-established, reputable, and premium Istanbul restaurants, the city offers a wide spectrum of Turkish food. Traditional Turkish cuisine is well worth trying. Travelers can pick from a broad variety of Turkish kebabs, mezes, and meat-based dishes. Turkish sweets such as baklava and Turkish delight are also well-known around the world.

Enjoy the dynamic Istanbul Nights

Here’s how you can make your Istanbul tour unforgettable

Many of Istanbul’s entertainment venues focus around the city’s entertainment venues. Istanbul’s nightlife has really taken off in recent years, and locals will tell you that it extends out in all directions throughout the city. Istiklal Street, which runs between Taksim and Tunel and caters to college students and the younger populace, has Istanbul’s liveliest nightlife. During the summer months, the region comes alive with celebrations every night, and the residents are exceedingly hospitable.

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