Here are the Highlights of Istanbul Coffee Festival

The Türk Telekom Prime Istanbul Coffee Festival – one of the popular festivals in Turkey, which combined coffee and live music, has come to an end. During the festival, which lasted four days and smelt like coffee, there was no shortage of coffee-related courses, seminars, and workshops. This year’s festival attracted over 100 brands and thousands of guests, with 32 bands providing entertainment.

Here are the Highlights of Istanbul Coffee Festival (3)

The festival, which took place in Kucukiftlik Park between 7-8-9-10 October and showcased excellent coffees from around the world, included a variety of activities such as workshops, seminars, and concerts, as well as shows that added spice to the coffee’s flavour. At the festival, which was attended by 164 brands, 34 live performances from new and ancient generations were performed.

Here are the Highlights of Istanbul Coffee Festival (2)

On the first day of the event, Dengi Dengine, Safiye, Bengisu, Jabbar, Ozan Bura Kaya, Kürşat Nayim, Ece Barak, and Feridun Duzaaç gave colour to the proceedings, while on the second day, Fikri Karayel, Bengisu, MEY&Baybisbald, Ezgi Yelen, Ars Longa, Ezgi Pakeli Alper The Golden Shore, The Abracadabras, Astro Velvet, Sattas, Elçin Orçun, Safiye, Frat Akarsel, and Can Bonomo mingled with coffee and music enthusiasts on the festival’s third day.

Here are the Highlights of Istanbul Coffee Festival

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Vince The Moon, Hazi, Ece Barak, Melis Fiş, Kürşat Nayim, Ezgi Yelen, Ege ubukçu, and Gökhan Turkmen graced the stage on the final day of the festival, where workshops and workshops take place, and delivered amazing hours to the attendees.

In Istanbul Coffee Festival, many workshops and seminars held at the festival, including Filter Coffee Brewing Techniques, 500 Years of History and Construction Techniques of Turkish Coffee, Tasting of New Harvest Coffees, Meeting of Baklava And Coffee, Making Turkish Coffee from Qualified Bean Coffees, Will It Be The Time of Coffee?, Game-changing Turkish Coffee Brewing Recipe Aroma Games, Green to Coffee Color Coffee Roasting, Production Problems During Coffee Farming and Their Reflection in Cup, Coffee Tasting and Evaluation Differences.

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