The Middle Tauruses wear the dress of autumn colors

The Middle Tauruses wear the dress of autumn colors (2)

The Middle Tauruses: With the coming of autumn, the national parks, waterfalls, and promenade areas in Central Taurus, south of Konya, provide calm to their visitors by reflecting the various colours of nature. Autumn splendours can be found in Konya’s Aygrdibi Waterfall and Central Taurus’ Swan National Park, which attracts people with its natural beauty and vegetation.

The Middle Tauruses wear the dress of autumn colors (2)

Swan National Park, at the foot of Mount Earring, one of Sejsehir’s natural wonders, has taken on autumnal hues. The park, which sees a large influx of tourists on weekends, is visually stunning for anyone looking to spend time in nature. The park, which also has swans, geese, and ducks, is the centre of attraction in all seasons because of its pool, which collects clean water from the dudens and mountain slopes.

The Aygrdibi Waterfall, which serves as the headwaters of the Wednesday River in the Bozkir area, is 150 kilometres from Konya. The Aygrdibi Waterfall, with its natural beauty and surrounding promenade areas, is a popular destination for nature lovers. Aside from its abundant natural beauty, the waterfall, which welcomes visitors with designated areas for leisure and picnics, embodies Taurus’ distinctive beauty by lulling people away from tension with its sound and scenery.

Middle Tauruses (2)

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On the part of The Middle Tauruses: Abdullah Yign, 69, who came to see Stalliondibi Waterfall, said the scenery, which was dominated by tones of yellow and green, as well as moving water, captivated him. The waterfall, according to Yign, is a natural spring, and they visit with their family whenever they can.

The Metropolitan Municipality’s investments, according to Konya Yign, have made the waterfall and its surrounds far more well-maintained and picturesque. It is imperative that everyone see it. Autumn has arrived. The pines remain green while half of the trees turn yellow. “It’s coming to an end,” he remarked, “much like the last brews of a person’s life.”

“This place is very beautiful in all seasons. Now it’s separate, it’s beautiful in winter. Maybe a winter facility can be built. People should definitely see this place in the fall. It’s nice here until December. There are different beauties in spring and summer. In the spring, the height of the waters is 2 meters ofsnow,as the waterfall is bursting and frothing. Each season is beautiful, but in autumn it gives a different meaning to you,” Yign said.

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