Karabuk Displaying the Colors of Autumn

Karabuk: Photographers appreciate the city, which ranks first in Turkey in terms of woods, since it contains hot places that need to be safeguarded promptly, such as lakes, nature parks, and tunnel passages made up of trees where every shade of green blends.

Karabuk Displaying the Colors of Autumn

In the fall, Karabuk, which boasts the “biggest block woods” in the country, is a riot of colour. With its waterfalls, lakes, hills, canyons, and campsites, Karabuk is a favourite with local and foreign tourists. Its forests, which cover 71 percent of its territory, contain many varieties of trees and flora found in few other places in the globe.

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Karabuk, which is classified by the World Foundation for Conservation of Nature (WWF) as “one of the 100 hot sites that urgently needs to be protected,” attracts nature enthusiasts with its curving roads that move through the colours, including the so-called “Forest sea.” Long walking routes lead through Karabuk forests, which are home to a variety of bird species and include fir, beech, pine, sycamore, walnut, ash, red tree, oak, willow, hazelnut, badger, cherry, linden, maple, cranberry, lightning, contour bay, wolf bosom, erguvan, and jasmine.

Spend time alone with nature in Baklabostan Natural Park in Safranbolu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its waterfall. The “tunnel” produced by the trees on the approximately 5-kilometer length of road connecting Safranbolu, the historical neighbourhood known for environmental tourism as well as concrete and abstract history, is one of the photographers’ favourite spots.

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Karabuk Governor Fuat Gürel stated that in terms of woods, Karabuk holds a significant position in Turkey. In 1937, the first Forest Management Directorate of the country was formed in Karabuk. The province with the most woodland is Karabuk. It is a significant region in terms of both natural tourism and individuals who rely on the forest for a living. There are block woods in our area. The woodlands of Yenice are one of 100 hotspots that require immediate conservation. In terms of ponds, waterfalls, and caverns, we also have a significant area. We are, in my opinion, a good tourist destination. He also added:

“Autumn is beautiful in many places, but it is magnificent in the Western Black Sea, especially in Karabuk. You can see every shading of colors, I can say that it is a riot of colors. There’s a great view of our tree-tunneled roads. In Yenice, the forest sea stands before you. It is also a rich region in plant diversity and wildlife care. The area has become a popular destination for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.”

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