Top 7 worth-seeing famous bridges in Turkey

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Turkey is a hypocritically gorgeous country situated in West Asia and home to the magnificent city of Istanbul. Known for the ancient port, Ephesus and others, Turkey certainly deserves a visit once in your lives. Turkey is well accessible with a host of gorgeous bridges and not only offers prominent touristic sights to visit. Ask yourself what are the bridges so stunning? Bridges in Turkey consisting of a simple structure are of tremendous historical importance and icons of architectural achievements. Let’s spotlight the most famous bridges in Turkey.

Osman Gazi Bridge

Length: 2,682 m

Osman Gazi Bridge famous bridges in Turkey

Osman Gazi Bridge is among the most famous bridges in Turkey and erected on Marmara Sea, is known as the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world. Osman Gazi was the first Ottoman Empire’s sultan and founder, and he was named for this bridge. The building of this earthquake-resistant bridge began in 2010 and completed in 2016, making it one of the main bridges ever since. You will pass this Osman Gazi Bridge in Turkey if you go from Istanbul to Izm.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Length: 2,164 m

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was established over the Bosphorus Strait, one of the three well-known bridges in Turkey. The bridge was mostly used for transit by train or motor vehicles. The building blocks for this bridge were laid on 29 May 2013 and the bridge was completed in 2016. On 26 August 2016, the Selim Bridge of Yavuz Sultan opened to the public. The eminent Swiss engineer Jean-François Klein and French engineer Michel Virlogeux have designed this iconic bridge.

15 July Martyrs Bridge/Bosphorus Bridge

Length: 1,560 m

Bosphorus Bridge famous bridges in Turkey

On the European side of Ortakoy and the Asian side of Beylerbeyi, the Bosphorus Bridge crosses the Bosphorus Strait, giving visitors the chance of crossing between the two continents that comprise this remarkable and vast city. The renowned bridge is around 1.5 km wide and 165 m high and has a clearance of around 64 m below which allows larger ships to go underneath. In 1970, under the leadership of Premier Adnan Menderes, who first proposed the plan in 1957, the construction of Bosphorus Bridge began. The construction work was completed three years later and on 29th October 1973 the bridge was proclaimed open.

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Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Length: 1,510 m

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

It’s probably the most famous bridge in Turkey. Prince Ottoman Sultan Mehmed names the bridge. The explanation is that it is the world’s 24th longest suspension bridge. In addition, like the Bosphorus Bridge, the bridge also links Europe and Asia. This is, first and foremost, the third bridge connecting Turkey to Europe and Asia. The bridge is 169 metres above sea level. Freeman Fox & Partners and BOTEK Bosphorus Technical Consulting Corp have designed the bridge.

Galata Bridge

Length: 490 m

Galata Bridge famous bridges in Turkey

It extends from Karakoy, north to Old Istanbul, focused on Sultanahmet, south, from Galata Bridge, the centre of Istanbul. Crossing the bridge you look west to Europe and east to Üsküdar and Asia over the Bosphorus. Constructed in 1992, the current Galata Bridge replaced a loved pontoon bridge from 1912, which swung slowly and went rolling as the seas moved below it.

Stone Bridge

Length: 310 m

Stone Bridge famous bridges in Turkey

The Stone Bridge, which was built in the second century, was one of the most important bridges for trading, and is a Roman bridger connecting the old Mediterranean trade routes to Anatolia and persia. In 2007, the bridge was shut down for trade, and since then this bridge has been used by the local people for foot traffic and social and cultural events. You should visit this bridge when you want to capture one of the oldest bridges in the world on your polaroids!

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Varda Viaduct

Length: 172 m

Varda Viaduct

Will you be attracted by a bridge with many names? If yes, the viaduct of Varda, one of the famous bridges in Turkey, should appear on your bridge list! The Varda Viaduct is also recognized by names like as Alman Köprüü and ‘Koca Köprü. The Giaour Dere Viaduct is locally recognised. Varda Viaduct is the railway viaduct in Turkey by which sites may be reached easily, and from the window of the train you can see magnificent views.

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